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Suitable Boots for a 40mile Continuos Hike


I've been roped into doing a 40 mile continuos walk over the South Downs for charity (medical research for kids) in July.
This to be exact.

However, not having done much in the way of serious walking before, I need a pair of good boots to get some miles in before doing the actual "walk".
I've looked at this thread and the Meindl Burma Pro's are looking good to me. I'm planning on going up to Brecon at the end of the week to try various boots, but I'm after a bit of a heads up first on what might be suitable candidates.

My list of requirements (that I can think of) are:
a, They don't rip my feet to shreds.
b, They keep my feet dry (went out yesterday and my feet got absolutely soaked)
c, They are durable (I'd like to keep the walking up after this and do more walks in the future, for both my health & charity)

Any tips on suitable socks would also be appreciated.


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I did a 30miler last June,with a 40lb bergan. With all the training i did beforehand, I was out tabbing at least once a week from january onwards.
The boots that i used were Magnum Hitech Elite Spider 8.0. They were spot on for me. Certainly worth considering for you.
As for socks, i used,and still do use,Brasher socks. Depending on the weather,either 2 or 3 season socks.
Hope that helps


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When I did the Lanyard Trophy last year (40 miles carrying 40lbs) I did them in issue boots and didn't really have any dramas. But as for socks I use Bridgedale bamboo socks. Soft, light and cushioned. Just make sure that whatever you finally go for that you put lots of practice in first to get yourself used to the distance if you've never done anything like this before.


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The piece of advice regarding fitting that I (stupidly) ignored is make sure that the boots you choose are long enough. I was advised that you should put the boots on unlaced and push your toes to the front, you should be able to put 2 fingers into the boot behind your heels. I ignored this and bought the size that fitted perfectly, I now have 2 black toe nails which are taking ages to grow out…..

Having said that, the boots are Scarpa ZG65 XCR lightweight goretex thingies and are for the most part extremely comfortable with no blisters, just need flat terrain……..


Don't go for the new Magnum-Jesus, they're pants! Killed my feet!



I did the coast to coast a few years back in a pair of bog standard Pro Boots, one of the legs was about 38 miles and the distance covered in total was 190 miles. Socks, get the best, Bridgedale have been mentioned a couple of times and I'd fully agree. Make sure you bump your trek nearer the time and I'll throw some quids at you, I'll pay more if you take video of you having your blisters doused in a tincture of Benzoin and crying.


Cheers everyone for the advice.
I will now be checking the boots review section thoroughly.

I won't be carrying any real weight (other than my own), as we meet up regularily with the support car we've got to have.
I'll be certain to bump this nearer the time, and will post a sitrep after finishing on how much I cried doing it.

Thanks again.
Check out the Inov-8 range mate, they're pretty new to the boot world but their trainers have been used by the fell running world for quite a while and they're the dogs.

Inov-8 Products Footwear Range

Wot he said about Inov-8 - I use the trail running shoes and they are the absolute dogs danglies, so even though I have yet to get a pair I wouldn't have much hesitation in getting their walking boots. Light too.
Berghaus Explorer GTX

These seemed quite good. there are other boots that have been reviewed if you look in the boot reviews section

Would agree on a decent pair of bridgedale socks.

The guy is asking advice for a 40 miler mate.

You've clearly never done a 10 miler, never mind 40!

Berghaus Explorer are for a summer stroll down the canal track, or wearing in the pub!

Jesus ******* crept!!!!!


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For you bods that did the long marches, I might hijack this thread for a bit of statistical data.

I'm looking at doing 96miles non-stop with CFT weight later on this year for the Regt casualties fund and I'm trying to plan the timings, etc.

What sort of time frame were you looking at for those distances? I'm basing my calculations off of the ACFT 2 which is the 12 miles in three and a half hours at bimbling pace.


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Mr B,

mine was just bog standard 30miles in 8hours.

It felt longer in time and distance though...........


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What was your pace throughout? Bimble, tab, jog, run? Any stops along the route? If so, any idea how long they were?

Lots of good recomendations, but NO ONE has yet mentioned to make sure whichever boot you decide on ensure they are well broken in before you go on this hike ! Everybodies feet are different & what suits one person may not suit another, so try them out well before the time, make sure your feet are up to scratch as well!

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