Suit Jacket; vents or not?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Bravo_Bravo, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. I thought I'd ask the Grown Ups; :D a pal of mine is seriously considering the purchase of a suit jacket sans vent.

    Would you knindly confirm the gargantuan sylistic faux pas he is contemplating.

    I can confirm he is neither a waiter nor a coach driver.

  2. Dear god. Is he still a pal of yours?

    Two vents, two buttons on the front and four on the sleeve. Nothing else could possibly be accepted (although three on the front is sometimes a necessity for the larger gentleman, both in terms of height and width).
  3. I agree, no vent, no Gent.
  4. If he needs to ask, he ought to be buying a boiler suit, (and struggle with the poppers)

    Jew Unit - WHAT? Two button fastening? Go to the bottom of the class. Three, AND never do the bottom one up!
  5. Oddly enough his name is, err, Taylor... :oops:
  6. he certainly need a few lessons in dressing i do hope that you trinny and susan him asap
  7. And again, this time making appropriate use of the upper case if you would.

  8. Dear god man, who on earth dresses you? Two buttons, except on tweed, and neither of them should ever be done up except in the coldest of climates. 3 buttons is a 90's fad which is on its way out, as any taylor worth their salt will tell you.

    I agree about the boiler suit though.
  9. Tailor :evil:
  10. The FOUR button jackets popular in the late '90s were the true monstrosity.

    And with three buttons you only ever fasten the middle one.
  11. Double breasted without vents is still smart.

    Prince Charles and I are not wrong on this one.
  12. Agree about double breasted dinner jacket without vents. Other jackets - no.
  13. Wehappyfew has it right: all jackets, with the exception of dinner jackets should have at least one vent. Smarter suit jackets should have a double vent at the back, while many 'sports' jackets can get away with 1.

    Only Germans wearing polyester primary-coloured monstrosities of jackets can get away with no vents (despite the rest of Europe laughing at them).

    3 or 4 buttons on the cuff: any less is cheap, any more is distinctly gay.

    If single breasted then 2 or 3 buttons at the front, depending on the cut. Both are acceptable. If 2 button then you use the top button, if 3 then only the middle one.

    There must be several threads on this site to help the sartorially challenged, but it is nice to see Bravo_Bravo mixing with untermench and trying to make them respectable.

    Edited to add: vents in the back, level with the shoulders should be avoided at all costs. Their only place is on 'technical' garments such as mountaineering jackets.

    All jackets should be worn buttoned up at all times except when sitting: then the single breasted is unbuttoned, while the double breasted remains buttoned up. Walking around with your jacket undone is simply not done (unless you want to look like that cúnt Brown). If it is that warm then either wear a jacket of light material (your tailor can help you there) or simply remove the jacket and go 'planters'.
  14. I had to check this thread as I was convinced it was a wind up...