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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bobhope, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. May be a stupid question, but how will you be takinng your suit down? In your bag or in one of that carry bags for suits etc.
  2. Several rounds of 9mm normally takes it down quite good
  3. If I were you I'd probably turn up wearing it or at least make sure it was ready to be worn at a moments notice so probably best carried in a suit bag.

  4. I presume you mean to ADSC or the start of training? If i were you I would wear it there, quite a few people did when I went and it makes a good first impression, I wasn't sure whether to so i just went smart casual but having been i wish i had worn my suit there
  5. For ADSC I had it in a suit carrier and for phase 1 I will be wearing it. It's up to you but makes a good impression in my opinion and saves me carrying it
  6. I wore it to selection and was the only one there wearing one. It never got mentioned but no doubt it was noted at least.

    I will be wearing it down to basic too. I'd rather come across a respectful young sir than a scally, that's for sure.
  7. It would be noted at selection yeah, but in what way is a matter of opinion. Do they notice you as a smartly dressed non-chav? or do they notice you as the guy who can't follow simple instructions to come down in PT gear to make it easier for the medical? I personally think the correct answer lies between them both - smart casual.
  8. Take the suit in a suit bag. Travel in a tracksuit as it says in the instructions you are given in your briefing before you go. Provides minimal disruption during your medical. Also saves having to re-iron shirts & trousers etc
  9. I went in smart jeans and shirt to ADSC with some decent clean hiking boots as i thought shoes would be too much and trainers too little.
  10. I going to wear a thong for the!! should raise an eyebrow! :D
  11. Well, I'm not actually a chav and I don't feel as if I look or act like one per se. However, I don't actually own a suit so I arrived in trousers, shoes, open necked shirt and tank top.

    While I'm here, on the kit list it says smart lace up shoes, however I only have smart slip on shoes. Will I get away with it? Money is the issue!
  12. Asked my recruiter about this one after my interview, he said that he would recomend suit without the jacket. And take two shirts so you dont have to iron it again. Where a more casual one to go in and a nice one that goes with your suit for interview.

  13. My point exactly mate. The instructions we are given say to turn up in a tracksuit. Not good disobeying orders before you have even been offered a job.

  14. Not all the adsc places want you to turn up in PT gear.