Suicides In UK Middle-Aged Men Now Hitting Record Numbers.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. I just watched that whole video and fatty Sidwell didn't kill himself?! To say I'm disappointed.... well, pass me the cyanide. I'll take his place if we can't even dispatch these non-contributors by self inflicted deletion.
  2. It's not just keeping up with the Joneses. The degrading of Man's position in the hierarchy of things including personal & work relationships, place in society, discrimination in Law (to name but a few) give a bloke susceptible to depression and caught in a battle with a member of the opposite sex no belief his needs/beliefs/side of the story will be considered.

    Do I know the answer? Apart from total destruction of the female race (apart from those willing to be subservient to man), total destruction of Lawyers/solicitors/barristers etc and politicians that support liberalisation of everything under the sun, No I don't:)
  3. A weird article, and a weird report. I would have guessed that the figure had a lot to do with the stress of modern life* and very little to do with having a gay job.

    *Things like having a hundred or more bills to stay on top of, being hounded by debt collectors, commuting long distances to work, not being able to leave work behind (with laptops and mobiles), having to support kids through uni, etc. etc.
  4. That **** just needs to hit the gym. If he lost a few lbs, got the testosterone flowing and felt like he stood a chance of pulling, his depression would likely vanish.

    Then again, if he'd have done those things in the first place, he'd probably still be with his missis (or an upgraded model).
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  5. As my dear old white haired mum (who outlived 2 husbands and died in her 70s) used to say 'how do they know they're going somewhere better?
  6. Many of those who commit suicide don't think of "Going somewhere better". It's more a case of "It can't be any worse than this". Escaping the thick, black fog of depression is all they want. If the future is more of the same, who wants it?
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  7. I found this on youtube "suicide forest in Japan" the Aokigahara, its 21.09 mins long... the pic on the tab is a skull and its entitled "vice" (I presume the film company).. I know it looks a bit cheesey... but its the best small film I have seen in a long long time.

    basicly it follows a very quiet and unassuming ecologist/geologist around the wood / nature park he is charged with being the nature warden for.. his insights into those that go in but never come out are remarkable. Hes more a psychologist/ buddist than an ecologist... for example he interpets the coloured string that people unwind in order not to get lost, those are the ones who are still battling with the suicide impulse.. they might or might not do it, but if they dont then they can get out easily again.. also , some leave signs and totems nailed to trees as a rage against soceity ... then , probably leave and go home. The determined hang themselves,however, despite what they may feel, whoever dies in this remote place.. never dies alone, as evidenced by the bunches of flowers left by questing relatives and friends after the act.

    if your in the right mood please watch it.
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  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Nah, you're all right thanks. A Japanese suicide forest? Is there a 'drink rat poison' option?

    Suicide is horrible and more devastating than death by almost every other way I can think of. Death by any other way is mostly 'Shit. Didn't see that coming'. But suicide is 'Shit. I could have prevented that if I had listened' or similar. It leaves a massive guilt trip for friends and family.

    That someone close has got to a place where they are prepared to make that move is about the worst that can happen. I am not convinced that 'keeping up with the Joneses' is a root cause.

    But at least I am spared the worst...

    Professor Stephen Platt, report author and health policy researcher at the University of Edinburgh, said middle-aged men are the "buffer generation", caught between their strong, silent fathers and more carefree sons.

    My old Dad is a loudmouth violent drunk and my son plans to join the RM and devote his life to the service of God.
  9. "And the experts concluded that men feel shame when they fall short of what they see is a "gold standard" of masculinity.

    Professor Stephen Platt, report author and health policy researcher at the University of Edinburgh, said middle-aged men are the "buffer generation", caught between their strong, silent fathers and more carefree sons.
    And the changing labour market has destroyed their masculine identity."

    Let me see....

    Umpteen years regular service, several operational tours, got to play with lots of big boys toys that went bang very loudly. CHECK!

    Have my own business (recession hurting but still surviving), regularly attend a martial arts class (despite usually being the oldest student in the class), play heavy metal and classic rock on an electric guitar (not rock god status yet but working on it), going grey around the edges but not looking too bad for my age. Oh yes, and I can still give the wife a good seeing to when required!

    "Gold Standard" of masculinity my ARRSE! I'm ****ing platinum me!


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  10. ****ing hell, it's ***** like you who are shaming all the inadequates off Beachy Head. Lucky for me I'm bulletproof: I have no shame.
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  11. Is it miserable ***** with no life or hobbies outside of work committing suicide? or is it the loss of youth, health, looks, failure to forge a decent career and the once fit Mrs getting a fat arse, jowls and a gunt doing it?
  12. Same here mate. By the way, that's a lovely house you've got there.
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  13. You wont have to look very far to find some poisonous flange somewhere in the equation.
  14. It's your destiny

    Volunteer with us | Samaritans
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