Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Terrier, Dec 17, 2011.

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  1. No, I'm not contemplating it myself (sorry to disappoint!), but a bloke I know/knew killed himself last week though, and it got me thinking about the whole concept.

    I mean, I've heard it called a coward's way out, but it must take a bit of gumption to actually do it, rather than all those silly 'cries for help' type episodes where teenage girls and such take half a pack of Rennies then phone 999. Retiring with the 'mess Webley' doesn't seem to be frowned on too much either, in fact it seems quite accepted as an honourable exit.

    On the other hand though, it can't be very nice for the families, and it's certainly not going to be particularly nice for whoever finds them (especially if they've done it messily!).

    What are your thoughts on suicide?

  2. I think people who commit suicide are scum....unless they lob themselves into a volcano so no fucker has to clean up the mess.
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  3. I read somewhere that men are six times more likely to succeed in a suicide 'attempt' than women.
  4. I dunno. There seems a good case to see things through to the bitter end. I mean, if you have had enough, you can always choose hobbies, pass times and occupations that will shorten your life expectancy considerably.
    Rather my headstone said; "He died because he was stupid". Not; "He took the easy, selfish, way out".
    Just my opinion. Condolences on the passing of your acquaintance.
  5. I think more people should take it up. Mainly chavs and those who have claimed benefits all their life.
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  6. Did he kill the rest of his family first?

    As big Jim says, suicide is generally a selfish act.
  7. In no particular order, the five most spectacular suicides I've dealt with in 25+ years in the filth;

    Male self-immolation in car after pouring petrol over himself - all that was left was his legs from the knees down and some blackened gunge on the seat frame.

    Female off the top of a 300-ft high monument, landing on grass next to people sun-bathing. Virtually every bone broken in her body, felt like a bag of jelly when we moved her.

    Male student failed exams, went home and tied rope round his neck, tied the other end to a door knob and took up the tension so that his head tilted back. Then took an electric carving knife and tried to saw his head off. Got back to the spine though.

    Male joiner had enough of life. 4x4 inch nails into the side of his head with a nail gun.

    My favourite was a male who'd had enough, booked into a 5 star hotel, racked up a bill for thousands over three days, then arsed a bottle of krug, a couple of dozen paracetomol, slashed his wrists, armpits, groin and then jumped out the fourth floor window landing on and impaling himself on the street level railings outside.
  8. No, but that's quite common, and even worse in my opinion. Especially after a divorce where the husband kills the kids and then himself, or as often happens makes a botch of doing himself in afterwards.

    The bloke I knew had done something unforgivable, and even though I'm sure he commited suicide in the throes of self pity, rather than remorse, I don't think him killing himself was the worst option he could have chosen.
  9. Its funny when it happens more or less on Arrse, id say we should try to get more people on here to kill themselves. Certainly better than letting them die alone with no one to laugh i mean try to help them online.
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Assisted suicide? no need to call Dignitas log on to ARRSE and we'll give you Undignitas. Its a new service we could provide, a new forum even for those considering it.
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  11. T.T Also my condolences on the loss of your mucka. Difficult subject to discuss really, while i think on one hand yes it must take balls to take that final last step and do it, but on the other hand what about any family left behind, how are they going to feel, particularly if there are any kids involved and how will it affect them.
  12. Could just call it the Christopher Hitchens has popped his clogs forum, and that will cause mass suicide.
  13. I think you've got an obsession with volcano's. You mentioned this on the last suicide thread... The offer still stands, I'll push you in if you lose the nerve. No charge.
  14. Been a spate of 'em around here lately, mostly hangings. I always thought that if you hanged yourself you did it like in the cowboy films - you know, hanging from a tree or suchlike. Seems I'm wrong. Most suicides who hang themselves do it in the home by tying string, not a rope around, their neck (always a good start) then to a doorknob, or something similar, and hang themselves whilst on their knees.

    I would have thought that if you bottle it at the last moment all you'd have to do is stand-up again but a copper down the Pub, who told us this and whose seen a few, reckons it works just fine.

    Personally, fuck that !! I'd be off up the woods with a shotgun...I think ! Then, at least If I felt better and changed my mind I could always try and bag a pigeon for tea.
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  15. Well I am hoping to shag myself to death (note: that doesn't mean fucking myself, it mean fucking LBFM's until I run out of life). Selfish? Ahuh. Concerned? Nah. Worried about what others might think, the affect it might have on others?

    Yer 'avin a fucking giraffe.

    A Whelking we will go!