Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tinman74, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. How would you?
  2. Is this part of a government survey to find ways to reduce the workforce?
  3. Place basketball hoop in car park next to suitably high building and do maths. Stand on top of high building and place noose of cheese wire around neck, super glue hands to head and jump. If previously worked out Pythagoras is correct then you will slam dunk your own head.
    Somewhere there is a diagram.
    Thanks to whoever I stole this from.
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  4. I would become one of Gadaffi's sons.
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  5. I'd choke myself on big cocks.
  6. We must be due another but I don't reckon it'll be me.
  7. Walk in brighton town centre holding my wifes hand.
  8. Your QARANC and i claim some wet fingers.
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  9. Walk through Helmand on my lonesome.
  10. What? You mean you would try to swallow yourself?
  11. That may be survivable!
  12. I'd open a newspaper vending stall, have a few beers then stagger in front of some plods during a demonstration.
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  13. That depends in the plods on duty, plus your questionable navigation skill whilst under the influence! ( I only mention the navigational skills whilst schiesse haussed as men do seem to loose them)
  14. Burn a Koran in Riyadh.
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