Suicide watch for soldiers in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Never knew things were that bad on the COB..... not good news this one.
  2. I hope permissions where sought from the families before publishing I see no reason to name names.
  3. You do not need to publish the names to do the story I just hope this article has not caused the families further pain.
  4. I would like to see some data on that stat, it seems a bit far fetched, not saying it's not true but it needs backing up.
  5. There were quite a few suicides following Op Grapple 1. Although not actively in conflict there were a lot of harrowing sights.
  6. Its probably from this info the South Atlantic Medal Association put out in this 2003 BBC news report.

    BBC Link

    Try this link also.

  7. I am sorry for the families of those who felt for what ever their reasons to take their own lives! However, for those with an interest in Mental Health sadly this is NOT news but only following the pasage of time as it has been reported IF and WHEN the Mod have allowed such details to be released involving suicides.

    There are of course many reasons why soldiers take their own lives, I have seen enough in my career! The comment on those who have committed suicide since the end of the Falklands is well reported, again for those who have followed this story or the tragic circumstancies surrounding every case, every life LOST because when they asked for help, they were denied the help and support from the NHS and governments over the past years, this is not new problem. Combat Stress was set up 90 years ago and yet only recently have they started through better funding to give those who now suffer after their service a far better deal.

    It has also been reported that the Priory (PRIVATE) Healthcare group who dealt with In-Service Mental Health referrals, ONLY got 20% of those back to their units, the others, the 80% were discharged un-fit for service an DUMPED into the unprepared / uncaring NHS, with NO national guidelines or policies to deal with e forces Mental Health.

    The USA have a 24 month Veterans Programme, so do the Aussies, why does THIS government bury their heads in the sand with a Time Bomb waiting to go off in their faces.

    As I said too many reasons to discuss on just one thread and a government in DENIAL, what chance do we have??
  8. Some say the figure is nearing 350 but Hull PCT stated last year at their conference "Beyond Combat" that it IS 300 and raising!

    The Mod as we speak are doing a study into this very issue, I suppose it all depands if THEY want to seek the truth, to give the services that are needed now to stop those from Telic & Herrick from being just another list!
  9. Our unit had two suicides [both by gunshot] when we were in Bosnia, sarajevo in 1995-96, both lads got dear johns and both a few months apart locked themselves in the bedford cabs to do the act.
    Ive tried to top myself three times but cant remember a thing about it apart from waking up in hospital and i have three kids and a wife who loves me, i would never knowingly put them through the grief of losing me.
    The fact that combat stress is a charity is a scandal, my stay there was just what i needed.
    Yes we are facing huge problems in mental healthcare now and in the future.
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    A symptom????
  11. We all have a duty of care to each other and that includes keeping an eye on your mates and asking if anything is wrong or not. I am on ops and the other day one of my colleagues asked if I was ok as I seemed rather withdrawn for a couple of days. As it was I happened to be deep in thought about some academic stuff but I appreciated the concern.

    Never be afraid to ask, and follow the guidance in the latest leaflets on the subject.
  12. I seem to remember reading a document which explained that the suicide rate peaked 20-30 years after the Falklands.

    Given this, it seems reasonable to fear that suicides like these are a small precursor for a very big wave.

    If we assume that we're sitting on a ticking bomb here, the urgency with which steps should be taken seems pretty clear...
  13. That is all well and good if you know / realise what it is you are supposed to be looking for, given the symptoms are many and vaious in the first stages.

    THEN you leave the protecting you get by being with the Military TEAM, although at the time it can seem THEY don't care, it's far far better than what is on offer once you have been discharged, time served, more especially those who are medically discharged, making life THAT more difficult to fully adjust with memories of a life when you were once fully fit.

    As I said there are many reasons why people in general get depressed and from depression can lead you down the path of other Mental Health and Physical health illness and long term disability.

    From once being a someone in a TEAM, to being a NO one on your own can be and is very Soul Destroying.
  14. I saw that too. Bit late for a prognosis if the doctor is looking at symptoms like that.