suicide rate expected to soar.



I know this is a morbid subject, but its one that cant be ignored. The suicide rate, due to the finance crisis now hitting the u.k, is expected to soar ! Sep -- oct in any one year, is the peak period. (winter blues and the finacial strain of cristmas are a main sorce) Any body who feels like this should seek counciling, its no disgrace ! I will never forget when i joined the army, (many moons ago!) my R.S.Ms comments on this subject ----- " Dont do it , it does not solve anything" :wink:
Well it'll reduce the unemployment rate.

Weak gits. They should club together and do it in groups, save troubling the emergency services every 5 minutes.


arfah said:
Isn't it against the law to commit suicide ? Death and a criminal record, that's harsh.
And if your chewing an orange and interfering with yourself at the same go on the Sex Offenders Register!

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