Suicide or not ?

My local gets an electronic copy of the Sunday Telegraph.
Yesterday there was a artical suggesting that the Bombers had been set up and had expected a delay in the operating mechanisam of their bombs.
They quote that they all carried ATM cards and other identifacation docs. Also one had a pregnant wife and the three who arrived by rail had bought return tickets whle the driver had paid for his cars parking pass.
These actions where said to be those of people expecting to survive.
Hope it's true:-

a) It'll teach the trecherous bastards for planing somthing like that.

b) It'll make any would be terrorists who don't particularly want to meet their maker so soon, that maybe a long life and a chance to use their free UK education for some good is a better alternative to messing with explosives when you have to rely on someone you can't trust to set the timer.
Maybe "The Firm" made the I.E.D.'s, and used them to get rid of a couple of low key sleepers.

Could be another s hite plot line for a Chris Ryan novel
inkerman7492 said:
Maybe "The Firm" made the I.E.D.'s, and used them to get rid of a couple of low key sleepers.

Could be another s hite plot line for a Chris Ryan novel

Chris Ryan's books are novels? 8O


It doesn’t matter if they were suicide bombers or if they expected to survive. They got the fate they deserved!! It’s just degusting that they killed and injured innocents, and damaged London in the process.
I hope they’re rotting in hell as we speak.
I can't decide whether it's better or worse if they were suicide bombers. However, return rail tickets are usually cheaper than singles. Bet the c*nts are gutted now though to find either (a) nothing, or (b) somewhere like well hotter than Karachi man
It would seem that they did not follow the Suicide Bomber SOPs. There was apparently no body hair removal, no mini-koran in left breast pocket, no suicide vests nor indeed video testament made.
The impression has been given by some commentators that there may have been a command detonation of the bombs, which the mules were unaware of. Others suggest that the delay which the four murderers were briefed to expect was not the delay they actually got...
Doubt it was command detonation unless all of them were being followed by someone with line of sight, have you ever tried to get a signal on the underground? Timers are feasible but what about the bus bomb, was he on British Summer Time? Forensic examination of the devices should answer all these questions in due time.

Surely if the plan was to dump the bombs he would have left it on the tube and done one.

Fair points though, no big "ALLAHU AKHBAR!!!" before they went off either, not normal suicide bomber SOP's, but perhaps they were amateurs, after all they only usually get one go at it...
One paper (Times - Sat) reported that the bus bomber apparently started screaming just before the blast. Could be that he wasn't expecting to go up with his rucksack.

Still doesn't excuse the mass murder of innocent people going about their normal daily business.
What about the provos using cheap prepaid mobile phones as remote detonators? I don't want togo into technical details on the net due to security reasons, but I can imagine several simple circuits, which could fire a blasting cap the moment somebody rings this mobile.

Had that thought as well but from what I hear getting a mobile connection on the Tube is a hit and miss affair at best.

Timers sound like another iffy propostion unless the mules were completely unware of them in which case they weren't suicide bombers but just dupes.

And considering their backgrounds etc it seems most likely to me that they were exactly that.
Serves the fcukers right though and I hope it hurt!!
Absolutely no mobile service in the deep tunnels! And they don't have a "direct mode" either - so following the chap with your finger on the button is a nonstarter too. No network, no talkee!

Regarding the return tickets; it's weird, but then again, in 1916 the chap who shot the Austrian prime minister paid his bar bill first.
My guess is that suicide bombers was the only way to go. As others mentioned remote detonation might be iffy.
The alertness of the public for unattended packages was also a deterrant for a Madrid style attack. Fortunately the number of people that are willing to blow themselves up are a very small but deadly minority.
No suicide video , or even a letter , statement or anything so far apparently. Why was there further explosive materiel left in the car? Was there more than one team?
PartTimePongo said:
No suicide video , or even a letter , statement or anything so far apparently.

The word relevant being 'apparently'. I can't see the security services rushing to release any video on Sky News.

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