Suicide of police officer Folkestone 2002

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. Someone mentioned this on another thread where it would not be appropriate to respond.

    Stressed sergeant jumped from roof of police station. - Free Online Library

    He had been on Operation Moonstone investigating the shooting of unarmed naked James Ashley by Sussex Police. An investigation which caused animosity between Sussex and Kent Police.

    The Sussex officers involved in the incident tried to sue their own force for psychiatric injury caused by their inadequate training to carry firearms and conduct armed warrant raids.

    It would, therefore, seem misleading to attribute this tragedy to the stress experienced by routine police duties. Bennet had been investigating fellow police with all the peer pressure stress that involves.
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand - were off!
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  3. I've missed you, you crazy ****.

    He rants and raves and no one has the slightest twatting idea what the problem is, why he's angry, what it has to do with ARRSE or why the **** we sould care.
  4. And then what?

    Just wondering.
  5. I note the comment 'tried to sue', meaning that their action wasn't successful. The paragraph that follows this therefore isn't valid. As, like most suicides, he didn't leave a note nobody has any idea why he actually jumped off the roof, except that by his own admission he wasn't alright and some educated guesswork.

    Then again, when is anything valid posted by BB?
  6. Most of what knocknee/bouncebannana doesn't have anything remotely valid in it. True to form there was some mention of kent police and the rest of it, true to form, was a load of random nonsense so he could mention Kent Police. Soon his babbling will revolve around the office of constable and how villagers used to vote them in and it was better back then.
  7. I think he might be on about a naked man…
  8. People top themselves everyday .... It is a sad fact of life.

    This is a problem that seems to be getting worse rather than better in 21st Century Britain.
  9. Says the man who wanted to charge the PM with manslaughter because people were topping themselves!
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  10. If suicide could be proved on the policies that he created as being the cause .... Yes that still stands. :)
  11. You could always try and get him for 'misprison of treason'. BB tried to snag the CC of Kent (the poor bastard) for it during his Knocknee days.

    Drop him a PM, I'm sure he'd be happy to share the details.
  12. Confused of Wiltshire here.

    Have I missed something?
  13. Talkers dont jump and jumpers dont talk , advice I was given by a very highly respected GP many years ago while we were considering what to do about a guy on top of a high water tower , if some one wants to end their life what right does any one have to try and stop them?
  14. Naked bloke, cops and cocks.
  15. Whilst I have no idea what the hell this is all about... Kent Police is a horrible Force, full of 'orrible ******* lizards.

    Anyway, carry on - my popcorn is almost ready.