Suicide in Basra: The unravelling of a military man

Very sad, very, very sad!
This is a very sad story, but, despite the obvious pain and suffering Capt. Masters was in mental health services are now infinitely better than they were even 20 years ago. Still got a long way to go though.

RIP, Captain.
poor poor bast**d. I can only wish his wife and family my thoughts. Does anyone know of any news on the Bliar sending a letter to his wife yet?
A very emotive article and my thoughts go out to his widow and his daughters.

I hope that somebody reading the article picks up and follows up on the problems that his widow has had with the life assurance issue - it is so wrong that they have suffered in this respect.

RIP Capt Masters
Sobering and utterly tragic. It certainly puts perspective and clarity on life. It just goes to show how even the most balanced and stable person can at times become overwhelmed without realising it, where seemingly small things spiral out of control and end up skewing your reasoning. There's a fine line between incessant worrying about your colleagues and group hugging every 2 minutes and simply taking time out of our insular lives to notice those who may need our assistance and support. Similarly we all know how difficult it is to admit that we can't cope and need help. We can all see that Capt Masters had so much going for him, what an absolute tragedy that he lost sight of that fact. Such a waste of a decent life.

Rest In Peace Capt Masters.
This is so, so sad. All the signs were there, even from this tragedy we must hope that we become better at helping people who find themselves under pressure like this.
Ken and Alison were personal friends of me and mine for a good few years. Ken must have been under intolerable pressure to do what he did as evidenced in this piece. He was the nicest guy you could ever wish to meet intelligent, articulate and sharp witted and he lived for Alison and the girls. He was also a morally and mentally strong man so it is my opinion that some extremely serious pressure was being applied to him in order to comply with 'agendas'. :cry: :cry: :evil:
What a moving story and a terrible tragedy for all concerned. Alas, the fact that people in the military are working under immense pressure is not a new one - but it's a lesson the government doesn't want to learn from.

I was particularly interested in the way in which Capt Masters, like so many others, was worried that going through the medical services could adversely affect his career - recent research on cancer care in the military has recently highlighted just the same concerns.

The lack of a letter from Bliar is as predictable as MOD's demand that Mrs Masters pays for their financial error and their prevarication over her request for a meeting.
It's a shame you couldn't charge Blair and his Master, George, with somthing like corporate manslaughter..... RIP Captain.....
Lance_Jacked said:
It's a shame you couldn't charge Blair and his Master, George, with somthing like corporate manslaughter..... RIP Captain.....
To what end? This would solve what exactly?
But what a waste of life. When i read that article it just broufght home the fact that SIB and GPD struggle at times to get on as a team, as im sure there must have been some other RMP officer there that he could have gone to, just to chew the fat.

Brings to mind the following quote:

"When times are bad … there will come a sudden pause when your men stop and look at you . No one will speak ; they will just look at you and expect leadership . Their courage is ebbing ; and it is not easy. You will have never felt more alone in your life"
William Joseph , Viscount SLIM 1891 - 1970
While I appreciate it wouldn't happen, being able to have them (Blair & Bush) charged with manslaughter would prove the imorality of the situation that Blair and Bush have placed themselves in and I feel a responsibility for his death. I do not wish to turn this thread into a Blair/Bush should we/shouldnt we discussion, therfore will say no more other than my heart goes out to his freinds and family.

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