Suicide Bombing kills 42 Pakistani troops


'Interesting times' for President Musharraf, torn between the need to keep his country intact and at the same time please Washington (or at least not pish them off too much).

The missile strike on the madrassa which sparked this attack is also interesting - was it really by Pakistani forces, or was it USAF?

Does this portend escalating violence in NWFP, and if so what are the ramifications for NATO in Afghanistan?
I think allot of western policy and intel people were glad this year when the five to ten thousand pakistani taliban that were reported to be massed in tribal areas marched into afghanistan instead of towards karachi.

Pakistan is host to two large terorist groups one wageing war on india in kasmir and another fighting west in afghanistan both are getting crap knocked out them. The temptation to maybe go after a weaker target must seem very interesting to them about now.

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