Suicide bombing is about sex

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. Via T.P.M.Barnet
    So it comes down to them not getting their oats because some fat sheik has all the totty in his harem rather than theology. I remain skeptical that when religion is involved seems to be propping a rather creaky theory.

    While it's true that their idea of heaven often is described in terms of rumpy pumpy this is simply the package promised to every believer. Muslim scripture is very, very clear about the extreme sinfulness of suicide and even indirect attacks on noncombatants, it requires considerable theological agility to sell this tactic on religious grounds. Both Jews, Christians have traditions far less careful of Allah's sacred property: the believers life.

    I can't recall many people asserting back in the 70s that most truck bombers were Catholic or that the IRA were a product of the blood soaked Christian tradition of martyrs They were of course but few saw fit to latch on to that signifier.

    Now if he'd factored in demographics he'd be on firmer ground. Something like half the population of Saudi is under 25 and has bugger all to do but sit in grim madrasas getting lectured by the Arab equivalent of Alf Garnet. This combined with the fat sheik effect and the centrality of fatherhood in Islamic society may partially explain their fondness for blowing themselves up in Sh'a market places.
  2. True. Once you pull that chord/press that button, you're fooked.
  3. I'd rather invite Madame Palme and her long thin daughters around for a session frankly.
  4. There was a documentary not so long ago (Channel 4, I think) interviewing potential suicide-bombers in Palestine. The majority of them were educated young women, with good prospects in a comparatively open environment. I wouldn't have been surprised at this in Saudi, or any other hard-line mysoginist Islamic state, since their high achieving women would tend towards hopelessness, but this really took me by surprise.

    What a desperate bl00dy waste it all is.
  5. That breaks the blue balls model of the suicide bomber nicely. I'm a little wary of the idea that despair is somehow key to the psychology of suicide bombing, rage and an overly optimistic faith in a better future seem more common.

    I recall one of those involved with a recent attack in Jordon was a young women who'd lost family in Fallujah.

    There was this by Farhana Ali a couple of months ago:
    There's this also by the very dodgy Judith "Curveball" Miller on the female suicide bomber:
    To call the PPK a Muslim militant group even with the qualifier that they are largely secular would surprise Abdullah Öcalan; they're Marxist-Leninist/Maoist Kurdish nationalists with a tendency to shoot rival Islamists on sight. Historically Maoists have been inclined to suicide actions and not at all sexist in their choice of revolutionary martyr from the People's Liberation Army human wave to The Viet Cong use of women as suicide bombers.

    In Algeria the FLN used attractive Western looking girls as bomb carriers simply because they could pass by French patrols if not unnoticed unsuspected. The use of female human ordinance probably has more to do with simple expediency and societal gender assumptions than any larger factor. Women are just as capable in this field as men.

    Miller is surprisingly sensible on to the threat in the US:
  6. What were the questions they were being asked. What do you want to do with your life :?

    If your missus comes in on pay day with a big coat on, smelling of almonds,looking worried and sweating do you:

    1. Think your in for kinky sex because she knows its payday and wants to go shopping.
    2. Slot her because you think she maybe a suicide bomber.
  7. Wait to see whether she asks "Does my bomb look big in this?"
  8. At one point I thought they believed that suicide bombers tended to be the quiet intelligent ones, that were warped in to believing fame beckoned by blowing themselves up?

    This was true of the IRA too, young lads with no prospects turned in to local celebs practically by turning to the gun and bomb.
  9. From that wiki link:
    "Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal"

    Sounds like priapism to me. Painful.