Suicide bombers would attempt to kill Mr Putin in Tehran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Oct 14, 2007.

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  1. Interesting rumours I should say.

    There are some questions in this context.

    Are foreign secret services able to kill (no doubt heavily guarded) statesman in Iran?

    What country (or organisation) is interested in the death of mr.Putin?
  2. Meh I'll bite - Could this be American disinformation designed to sour relations between Iran and Russia?

    The Caspian is a vital region - the basin countries are fighting over resources namely oil and pipelines!

    and I'll admit my tinfoil is from waitrose!
  3. More than rumours mate.

    Could tell you... but it'd cost ya ;)

    [Standard disclaimer - NOT on NATO op sheets]
  4. Think I'll keep stum m8. Already had one tete-a-tete with two Spooks at George Bush Airport 3 years ago [no-joke!], nods, smiles and background prestige worked then... would it work now? Hmmm...?

    What's your risk assess at; if Putin did go down?
  5. I thought as you are the KGB man you might have the information to be able to tell us ??? :mrgreen: :salut:
  6. What other than the nice Islamic people of Chechnya!

    Hmm I wonder!
  7. The widows and orphans of the Kursk?
    The widows and orphans of the Moscow Theatre debacle?
  8. Justa question Sergey - who actually provides the Bodyguards for Vlad?

    And as a guesstimate I would imagine some Chechens would like to get up close and personal with said Vlad.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Just to refer to a couple of previous threads regarding Putin, and thus why he may be considered a valid target for bumping off in the ME.

    If anyone remembers the 'village people' pin-up pictures posted around the world (and on this forum), and the general anti-gay philosophy of Islam/ME (not that I hold with such gender-choice-oppression you understand), it might just be that Muslims think he is a gayer (can I say that?) and would therefore wish to bump (I didn't say bum, oh, bugger, I did, oops, and I said 'bugger'; bugger), and therefore potentially newsworthy as a 'RESULT!' target to remind anyone that gaying is considered unislamic, and is subject to the death penalty.

    Just a thought, well, that and Chechnya maybe.
  10. Yes, some Chechens dream to stub or blow up Vlad. However, mr.Putin has too many enemies.
  11. Nice to see you posting Sergei. :)
  12. Sergey - which organisation provides the bodyguards - FSB?
  13. There exists a separate service - FSO (Federal Service of Guarding). A head of FSO is appointed by the president. Not only a president but official residencies, Duma (the parliament), governmental buildings, ministers and other high ranked officials need guarding.
  14. Thanks Sergey!
  15. I'd suspect some hardliners from the glory days of the Islamic Revoulation (Did I spell that right?) in a state of unhappy campers at the presence of the leader of the Lesser Satan on holy soil. Don't forget, the USSR was loathed by the Iranian leadership for it's state of ungodlyness, it's presence just over the border and it's support of the former big man in Iraq.