Suicide bomber

A suicide bomber is on his way to his destiny, when he gets knocked down by a double-decker bus and killed stone dead. Because he hasn't killed anybody, he goes to heaven.
He walks up to St. Peter and asks "Where is Allah? I want to see Allah"
St Peter replies "Don't know mate, he's not down here, you'd better try upstairs.
"This is good" thinks the bomber, "Allah is too important to be down here"
On his way upstairs, he meets Jesus - "Where is Allah? I want to see Allah"
Jesus says, "He's not here mate, you'll have to go to see God, upstairs"
Finally he finds God - "Where is Allah? I must see Allah!"
"Calm down" says God,
"You've only just got here. Sit down, Fancy a coffee?"
"Yes, yes" says the bomber, "then you can show me to Allah"
"OK" says God............................................

"Allah, 2 coffees over here please"

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