Suicide bomber that killed 3 BW soldiers was WHITE!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Nov 9, 2004.

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  1. SkyNews have reported that survivors of the explosion that killed 3 Black watch soldiers on thurdsay are saying that the suicide bomber was white (of european or american caucasian descent) 8O and that he was grinning just before he detonated his suicide bomb.

    If so this is a disturbing development!!! Can you imaginewhat the guys in campdogwood must be thinking? As if it aint bad enought to have arabs and other muslims trying to kill them, they now have possible europeans or americans trying to kill them!!

    good luck guys. I hope you all make it home for christmas

    agent smith[/b]
  2. Sad to say, but i am not surprised...I believe there have been a number of suicide bombings in Israel where the bomber has looked like a tourist / westerner. Also there have been plenty of reports of Chechens turning up - and unfortunately they do look like Europeans in the main...

    Unfortunately there are plenty of deluded and impressionable idiots in the world that this will not be the last.

    I hope that the Black Watch don't take many more casualties, but i fear that they will...maybe the fight that they are in will make the public and the government see that they cannot continue to underfund and over extend the forces...i can but dream.

    I also hope that some of the jocks giving a right kicking to some of the idiotic reporters who are with them for spouting some of the drivel that they have been coming out with over the last few days.

  3. The actual word to describe these people is fanatical and they are generally educated from a formative age to take the world view that they support.

    It always amazes me that although Islam places alot of respect for the dead, etc. these fanatics still defile their victims after death.
  4. Get the bombers body parts and bury them wrapped in a pigskin.

    Contact with pigflesh means that a Muslim loses his eternal soul.

    Bit of a bummer for suicide bombers expecting to go to Paradise to meet their 72 Virgins.
  5. suicide bomber may not be a muslim, may just hate the US and Britain.
    Not all 'Irish republican' terrorists are/were Irish or Catholic.
  6. So when his oppo plays keepy-uppy with the bits from the next suicide bombing to get his own back how will you feel then ?
  7. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    You have to understand their mind set - they will respect their dead, but infidel dead are every bit as worthy of respect in their eyes as a pork chop; the only difference is that they wouldn't pick up a pork chop and play around with it.
  8. Nine years in mid east cured me of Islam and Muslims. I detest arabs for i know them to be natural born hippocrits and it all stems from their religon.
    Pork and bacon should be issued as anti hijacking weapons so they would not make their 72 wurgins, all most likely small boys.
  9. To coin a phrase, "REPEAT"...
  10. when i was in the sandpit saw several locals who were caucasian in appearence so just cos he looked white dosent mean he wasent a local
  11. Could be the descendants of British squaddies from the 1920's and 1930's!
  12. well one police officer had red hair and pale skin .certainly didnt get those appalying looks from one of the prohpets followers. Being iraq and guar could things be worse :lol:
  13. What is this world coming to?

    All the best to our guys out there.
  14. Chaldean Christians, Syrians, and Circassians can be similar in appearance to Caucasians.

  15. There is a precedent for Bravo bravo's pigskin proposal. In the aftermath of the Indian mutiny, not only were those mutineers who were captured blown from the guns, but we effectively reversed the funeral rites of the muslim and hindu mutineers. Muslim corpses were cremated - causing all sorts of potential problems for their bodily ressurection on the Day of Judgement; Hindus were buried, often under crossroads (?), since for them cremation provides the purity for a successful and fortuitous rebirth.

    Can't see the human rights people going for it though...[/quote]