Suicide bomber supporter to speak on 7/7 anniversary

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NordishPortal, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. This is truly disgusting ... I've blogged about this here:

    Doesn't Red Ken have any respect for the victims of 7/7 Muslim bombings?
  2. Your blog is shite, so is the Daily Mail. I say this because you have failed to give direct evidence, in its correct context, that he supports Palestinian suicide bombings (which he does) whether he sees the 7/7 attacks as a legitmate use of such a weapon (which he doesn't) and before you started slagging Ken Livingstone (which I have no problem with per se) you didn't bother to establish that his office is organizing the event.

    3/10 Sloppy work. Have a word with yourself.
  3. I have provided all the links at the bottom of my post where this detail can be found. So, according to you, a Palestinian suicide bombing is justified, whereas the London one is not? I guess one could argue like this. Tamimi certainly does.

    As for Ken -- ever since 7/7 all he was concerned about was the welfare of his multiculturalist utopia, not really the people who suffer. Ken would much rather protect and support Muslims than he would English people.
  4. Ken is not the organiser, but he supports it officially and will also be a speaker.
  5. A British Muslim Intelligence NCO from Birmingham was one of 2 people killed in Afghanistan, I've scanned your blog, and can find no mention. Will you be adding a suitable notice, remarking on his contribution, and the death of he and his colleague in the service of British Armed Forces?

    Are you Forces or ex-Forces yourself 'Nordish' ?
  6. I would suggest current National Front would seem more likely than ex HM Forces.

  7. Nordish Portal sounds a bit "Combat18" to me...
  8. Whoah ... I just run a meagre blog and post some articles periodically that I find to be important. It's only a blog not a news service.

    I'm not anti-Muslim. But we in Britain certainly have a current problem with radicalized Muslims. Don't you think?

    No, I'm not in the forces. Someone happened to link to one of my articles one day, I found your site through my statistics, and decided to register. If this is a problem please let me know.
  9. And no, I don't like or support the likes of National Front, C18, etc. They're the lunatic fringe IMO.
  10. Nordish, I asked you a straight question. Will you be including, amongst your other 'Muslim News' the news that a British Muslim serviceman was killed in action together with his colleague? Yes or no? It is a very simple question.
  11. I have no objection against including that. Do you have a link or more information?
  12. Whilst i would not disagree with the suggestion that there are fundamentalist Muslims at work (or more likely on the dole) in the UK, they are clearly in the minority and you will find the same elsewhere.

    Consider the fact that British soldiers of all creeds and colours are fighting and dying. If you are hoping to stir up anti minority feeling i suggest you try one of the multitude of White Power forums that are infesting the darker corners of the world wide web.
  13. A significant minority of them are radicalized. Lots of stats are available on Google news search. This is a fact. Of course I am not claiming all or even most Muslims are like that. I work with some Muslims too, no problem.

    I dislike these "White Power" sites. As I've said, they're the lunatic fringe. I am not trying to stir up any "anti"-feeling here. If I'm not welcome here you can just ban me or delete my account, or I'll stop posting.
  14. He was a member of my corps - and a credit to the British Army - he was British, and his brother, who previously served was/is a personal friend - people would do well to remember that the 'minority' groups can, will and are serving their....THEIR... country

    god rest his soul

    thats all im going to say on this matter