Suicide attacks about strategy, not religion


Suicide bombers are driven by strategic goals rather than religious fanaticism and the war in Iraq will lead to further terrorist attacks, according to a United States professor who has studied every suicide attack carried out over two decades.

The director of the Chicago Project on Suicide Terrorism, Professor Robert Pape, has studied every single suicide attack in the world between 1980 and 2003 and has come to some worrying conclusions about the way in which Western democracies are pursuing the fight against terrorists.

While British authorities say they cannot be sure last week's bombings in London were suicide attacks, Professor Pape says he is certain Al Qaeda is responsible.

"The London bombings are part of Al Qaeda's strategic logic that they have been pursuing with increasing vigour since 9/11," Professor Pape said.

"The strategic logic which holds these attacks together is not religion but a specific strategic goal - to compel the United States and other Western states with forces on the Arabian peninsula to pull those forces out.
While I don’t doubt the professor’s conclusions the terrorists have made a big mistake as most people react to threats by saying get fcuked. Just like we did last week. Although the yanks don’t yet seem to get it (see thread on yanks banned from London) so there maybe they might succeed.

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