Morning all, went up to the local retained fire station last night with a view to joining. Unfortunately I live just outside the 5 min time limit , so that option is out of the window but not the end of the world.

Now to the denizens of the mighty arrse are there any similar part time jobs etc not including the TA that I could possibly do.

I work a shift pattern of 4 on 4 off alternating days and nights if it helps.

Now I'm expecting comments such as getting down the docks or blowing goats for penny chews and that's cool love a bit of banter, but any sensible suggestions are also welcome.

Many thanks in advance and stay safe

If you're trying to earn a little more money then my idea won't work, but have you considered becoming a First Responder with the Ambulance service? You are in control of when you go on duty, how far you are willing to travel to an emergency etc.
If you have no morals, less dignity and a total absence of pride then maybe a PCSO/SSCH might be the thing for you?
HI and thanks for all the replies so far.

In answer to the questions its to earn a little pocket money and to relieve boredom . Ta is out as employer won't have it due to chance of being deployed and have only just started there also chief of staff domestic affairs would go nuclear due to having put up with it when I was reg.

Hope this helps , currently working security which is a doddle for what they pay me have also done door supervision and cp but can't be doing with the arse ache of it hence the change to my current role.

Once again many thanks
Motorcycle courier. You'll need to own a bike and have a license of course, and enjoy riding in all weathers. Quite a few firefighters do it apparently.
As a full time fireman I used to heave coffins about. It was cash in hand work and apparently was above board at that. Tried driving the hearse but that was dead boring, no pun intended. The only restrictions were no piss taking and don't try and collect on any women in the audience! So sympathy f***s were out of the question.
Easy work and a no brainier mate.
Nothing wrong with the Ta except both employer and Mrs don't want me deploying, coupled with the package my current employer has given me is quite hard to beat in the industry plus can't afford a divorce and lastly been there done it.

Was just looking for something part time to earn a little pocket money and possibly add a few strings to my bow. Hence the retained firefighter but live to far away.

Now forest warden sounds a little up my street. Do you have any more info fella or advice etc as thetford forest isn't a million miles away
Get into extra work for Films and TV. It's a doddle, turn up, sit around, get fed and watered, perhaps do 10 - 15 mins milling around getting filmed, Get lunch (provided) Sit around, get fed and watered, do 10 mins milling about getting filmed.... go home with 8 hours pay, or get held back 5 mins and go home with 12 hours pay :) Google an agency and sign up, if you've time to kill you'll make a killing.
Now forest warden sounds a little up my street. Do you have any more info fella or advice etc as thetford forest isn't a million miles away
No more info sorry, I just know an mate from years back left the TA and now does some part time wardening up in North Yorkshire.
I did pall bearing as a moonlight job when I was in the fire service. Failing that, what about a job as a night repairer of church roofs? Pays well I hear.
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