Hay Meester Co!

Eney charns ov a spel cheque beeng avaleaball on these seestum????  Wot wif modurn teknologie I am knot ewesd to aving to fink aboot sutch fings.

Pleeeze Hellp!


I'll check the mods available for the board software, but I think it's unlikely.  I certainly can't help - I have difficulty programming the video recorder, never mind a spell checker.  
Who is the unfortunate sole who has had his bod removed and bonce stuck at the top of the page? Is he a member of Arrse Bn HQ who has revealed himself, or is it the Unknown Warrior - representing all who have suffered?

Is this a challange to identify him, or a naming competition? Answers to who you think it is.....

Who ever it is he looks in desperate need of a thunderbox before the turtle heads get bigger! :eek:


Yes, I got a little mixed up with my icons / pictures there.  Fortunately the unknown soldier has nothing to do with BHQ.

I did find it extremely funny, though, I think I'll do that more often.  

Apols to the head (infantryman, Germany, Capt, no more clues) concerned.
You aren't sugesting we promote the Donkey Wallopers are you FRJDJ? You'll be telling us you have mates in the RMP next!


As if there wern't enough, Suggestions for New Boards. How about an ACC Board, can get tips on cooking, 100 ways to do Delia, I mean 100 ways to do A Delia. Or how about a Special Forces Bored 8), of course Royalties would have to be paid to the authors of each submission, we could call it Immediate Access Account, the One that got Away-- to the Sun or how about Bank Account  Two Zero, zero, zero,zero,zero. ;D


War Hero
I suggest that we all spread the news of this site a little wider!  having less than 350 users pan-army is boring and a little surprising.  We also need to remember not to put off our slightly-less-technical-bretheren!
Firstly excellent site.

I have just been given 3 weeks notice to deploy to Canada for seven months. Im not wingeing god forbid NO. But not a single soul I know can tell me anything about it. I was just thinking maybe a POSTINGS board for people to discuss or post useful tips about various tours etc ?
Thanks Charlie Oscar will bring back full brief of all relevant and key locations with one or two Digi Pics. Once again cool site