Suggestions on how to alleviate Eve’s boredom…

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blessed baby cakes, Dec 6, 2004.

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  1. I now feel an intimate and close friend of Eve’s now,
    (Soon I believe I’ll be able to track her menstrual cycle by her very detailed ‘mood’ announcements…)

    So in the spirit of friendship I’m asking if anyone has suggestions on how to relieve her boredom please help…

    I have one…..

    Eve, you could set your hair on fire and see how long it takes for the people in your office to beat out…

    This has a dual purpose,
    You can also judge by the speed in which they come to your aide and the number of hits they continue to rain down on you after the fire has been extinguished just how much they care…

    Beebs x :?
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Get a decent job????
  3. 1. Take her dog to the vets to be put down.

    2. Spend more time on 'dating' websites and find a man.

    3. Spend less time on ARRSE.

    4. Create more 'I'm bored' threads in Current Affairs.

    5. Ask that virgin Biscuits AB/Baddarse out on a date.
  4. Take two 9mm asprins and don't call us in the morning.
  5. Or whether they use the blunt end of the Fire Extinguisher first.
  6. Start a religion.
    Why not every one else does. :D
  7. See how many drawing pins she can stick in her forehead until it REALLY starts to smart.

    I Survived!!!
  8. Eve, you could always phone a friend......and get them to sew your hands to your face thus preventing you from ever operating a keyboard.
  9. Just go and have a fiddle and relieve not only the bordom but also the fraustration of still looking for a nice man!!!!!!!!!

    DD :twisted:
  10. Thanks for suggestions .... tried setting hair alight but it wouldn't work - not dry/brittle/dyed/peroxided/covered in hairspray so would not ignite. Hence fun with fire extinguisher was not possible. Already got a decent job; so not a good suggestion. Pins in forehead was simply a stupid suggestion - not into self-inflicting myself with pain. Not actually looking for a man, believe it or not, so those suggestions out the window too. And will spend as much time on ARRSE as I want, cos it's a free country. Or so we're led to believe.

    Will hang around, cos sure there must be some nice people on here, despite first impressions. Can't all be tossers/tosseressers surely??!! :twisted:
  11. I am nice

  12. Reckon you are.

  13. We could go to the pub and play darts/skittles/dominoes..................... 8)
  14. I thought this thread was about alleviating boredom 8O
  15. Suggestions on how to alleviate Eve’s boredom…

    Drown her?