Suggestions for transfer to TA unit in the Cambridge area

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Detective_Dewar_Cooler, Jan 24, 2009.

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  1. Gents and ladies, a new start beckons for me, new job, new area, so a new TA unit as well is on the cards. I'll be based just outside Cambridge, so I'm trying to get some info about the units within "Tuesday evening driving distance".

    I'm an infantryman (of 2 years) Javelin trained, but would consider a switch of trades. I'm fairly IT orientated, so was thinking 36 Signals, but then there's 677 AAC just down the road, which would be pretty fun work I think. The other option is to stay infantry with E company 3RA in Hertford.

    Any info on these or general tips in the area please fell free.

    I'm a 26 year old Tom looking to have some time in the ranks before a TA commission in the future.

    Many thanks.
  2. PM sent
  3. You are more than welcome to come and visit E company 3RA in Hertford.
    Wednesdays @ 2000hrs.

    That will be the only way you will know which unit to join, trust me.
  4. Thanks brownc and steptoe, granted actually being there is the best way to see if my face fits, but there's nothing wrong with gathering a bit of int beforehand :wink:
  5. Just let me know when you plan to tip up, so that you get the full tour.

    Any info I can give before then just ask by PM.

    Enjoy the other visits, but once you go Inf, you never go back.
  6. There is a TA them unit in Cambridge depending on what flicks your switch.
  7. Cheers, I did see but ruled that out as playing with the SAS needs a bit more commitment than I could give, that and I couldn't shoot a dog for selection :D
  8. Have you thought about 254 Med Regt on Cherry Hinton Road in Cambridge? Drill nights are on Tuesday evenings and there are a number of trades to choose from - CMT, Driver, Dvr/RadOp, Chef, VM and AGC Clerk.

    We're a friendly bunch, and the bar is cheap!
  9. I might well take you up on your offer, that's good to know thanks.
  10. If you want a completely different challenge but still want to do military things there are several ACF detachments in and around Cambridge. 2 Company are pretty short of instructors at the moment and would definatly welcome you.
  11. Check PM's
  12. I had a second PM from the Int people INT_QRM with a phone number, so if that's what you mean thanks for that.

    Having mulled it over at the bar last night, I have the option here to do something completely different, but I'd only be making a change for the sake of it. Do I go round collecting cap badges like top trumps? I think I'll stick to something I've put work in to, rather than start from scratch . There's always medic/sigs/int courses available to infantry in a semi skimmed form anyway.

    Though maybe after visiting my local infantry unit I could well chaneg my mind again! :D

    Oh and here's a shamless plug for the simplest "What are my local TA unit options" finder yet! :idea:
  13. Some of the TA websites are no longer up; you are transfered to a page that says the public areas of ArmyNet are now off-line/defunct. Only serving Military personnel or their guests may access the site. :roll:
  14. DDC

    I strongly recommend that you come down to Bury St Edmunds for a chat one Tuesday night and get the 'gen' from the horse's mouth.

    We can play to your IT strengths and make use of your infantry background once we have got you through the AAC STA training - Rigger Marshaller, Apache Basic etc.

    Our Orbat has expanded considerably with the re-badging from RA (V) to AAC (V) so there are PO roles too.


    PS Our new CO is ex RM so expect a strong emphasis on mil skills !
  15. Yeah great crowd at E Coy 3RAnglian, infantry is definatly the way to go.