Suggestions for traing anyone??

Discussion in 'ACF' started by MarkOnesBroken, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm just putting one out there to request if anybody knows of any training practices that can be used to boost situational/operational/personal etc awareness?? This is for cadets.

    Many thanks guys n girls, the more info the better!!
  2. Be a bit more specific please
  3. take them on a cft LOL
  4. Phone your nearest regular units training wing.Offer a few crates and a BBQ for some of the lads to come down for a weekends training.Then have the BBQ on the sunday afternoon on endex.
  5. CFT??? That'll kill 'em! Come to think of it so would a BFT!

    Training wing idea seems good and could try the CTT but I'm looking for something to bring into a parade night. Good idea though thanks.

    As far as specifics go, thats what I'm after. I know experience is the best teaching tool going for heightening awareness, ie patrols, contact drills, section attacks etc but I'm just wandering if anyone has any ideas of differing eperiences/practices to allow cadets to be a little more aware of their surroundings and situation in an attempt to ward off that big old red mist.
  6. A spelling competition would be good :roll:
  7. On a parade night at random times hide under tables, behind bushes, around corners… wherever possible really.
    When cadets are near by jump out at them, grunting away with your biggest nastiest war face on, and pin the smallest one you can catch to the floor while tw@ting him with a set of heavy nunchucks.
    That’ll make the little darlings a little more aware of their surroundings, and when you can no longer catch them off guard you’ll know you’ve trained them well.
  8. Take two sections into the field, dig 'em in or move 'em into a tin city as a patrol base and set them at each other with recce patrols, section attacks, ambushes etc. Or on a normal camp take a carde of bods away seperately unbeknownst to the others and have them conduct CTR's etc against ther main body.

    If you can borrow any Reg or T.A. JNCO's to coach each team all the better.
  9. Take them out in groups of 2 or 3 non-uniform and play spot the scally. Best done on a weekend. Observe how shoplifters always stand out from other shoppers because of their nervous alertness. try following shoplifters from point of crime to shop exit undetected remembering not to get involved.
    Sounds daft but it helps increase awareness of surroundings and helps to identify suspicious behaviour in public. Also try spotting plain clothed bobbies and store detectives. then maybe a little shoplifting....only kidding
  10. Try placing random objects (ie bergans, respirators etc) in various places around the drill hut, training area etc then 20 min before the parade night ends give each cadet a piece of paper and ask them to write down the things they saw. You can even go as far as asking them to describe random people they see and parts of vehicle registrations etc. I guarentee it will get them thinking and is a usefull tool for improving situation awareness.
  11. Yeah spelling competitions would be good....OOPs! More work on the attention to detail!

    Cracking ideas though, it's always the simple things you dont think of eh?

    Nice one, thank you
  12. Murder in the dark.
  13. This is a great idea! Sadly in my Det it would not "get them thinking" but would rather "get them thieving" :lol:

    Last Tuesday one of mine proved that he needs his "situation awareness improved" We are in a TA Centre - he came and asked me for the key to main gate as "somebody wants to come in" on asking who and whether or not they were military I was told "I fink eee is TA miss, eee as got combat pants on" On looking outside said person was gone, I told Cadet in question to insist on ID being shown, cheeky little bleeder promptly asked me for mine! 8O