suggestions for medical kit for basic training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mike savage, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. hey guys,

    im off to catterick on the 23rd january so im just double and triple checking all the items i need!
    i know theres a lot of info on what to take for basic training, i have a kit list provided anyways, but i would like to have specific suggestions for what items should be in my 'medical kit'. im aware its not a trauma kit so shouldnt be extreme, thus far;

    small scissors,
    athletes foot cream
    pain killers ( ibuprofen & aspirin )
    trainers tape,
    blister plasters,
    sudocreme ( small pot )
    talcum powder ( small pot )

    thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Is the kit for use in the field or for at barracks?
  3. it doesnt specifically state, im summising that its for both, tabbing and general use around the barracks, i have cream etc in my washbag also.
  4. Id add compeed, zinc oxide tape and imodium.
  5. If you are taking pain killers take ibuprofen and paracetamol as it's not a good plan to mix ibuprofen and aspirin. The cheapest place to buy them is the supermarket own brands. Just get the plain brands avoid anything that says words like 'extra ' it's just a con. Usually about 16p a box.
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  6. For in the field stay simple, plasters of various sizes, antiseptic cream, antiseptic/alcohol wipes, zinc oxide tape and a couple of bits of compeed or something similar.

    In camp you'll mainly be needing zinc oxide, compeed and probably ibrufen or something similar. There's no point getting an all singing ll dancing first aid kit you'll just be wasting your money and carrying alot of stuff you'll never need while at Catterick.
  7. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    If your training is anything like mine was I'd add a portable defibulator, pretty essential IMHO
  8. They weren't invented then neither was the internal combustion engine.
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    If they had been I most certainly would have needed one on my pass off trek on Dartmore
  10. Not particularly relevant now but when it gets warmer you might be glad of something for insect bites / stings such as antihistamine cream or some of that honking amonia-based stuff that smells like a wino's gusset.
  11. Vaseline cream for chafing.
  12. so theres no room for my petrol generator powered automated external defibrilator then>? shite lol
  13. Dioralyte.

    ...and a small flask of medicinal brandy. Thermos make some nice flasks.
  14. Immodium ........... has been mentioned, this will quickly stop your arse squirting everywhere should you have a dicey curry.

    Tweezers............ invest in some good ones not the kind that a tart uses to pluck here eyebrows. You need a pair with a point fine enough tip to remove splinters.

    Fucidin cream.........see your local GP before you go and tell him where you are going and ask for a couple of tubes of Fucidin cream. This is an antibiotic and works better than antispetic creams.

    Antiseptic cream .......... seeing as I mentioned fucidin get a tube of this also.

    Canestan cream .......... this will help prevent / help cure thrush should you get a damp willy in the field. From Boots over the counter, tell them its for your girlfriend they sometimes insist on only selling it for female use. Yes, its perfectly safe for your willy.

    Tip: Read about and learn the difference between Ibuprofen, asprin and paracetamol. This will indicate to you when whichever should be taken.

    Tip: Get yourself a set of Paramedics/nurses scissors. Dead cheap on ebay, I buy 5 pairs at a time for around a fiver. Put a pair in your webbing, a pair in your boo kit and sell the others.

    And, don't forget, a nice pouch to put it all in.
  15. A big box of man up pills