Suggestions for Christmas Parcels to BFPO in Afghanistan.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boristhepict, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    Guys a mate is currently out in theatre, and seeing as how i have 11 classes, a form, and the school in general to tap for donations I am planning on sending out a box (crate hopefully!) as a surprise for him and his.

    Aside form sendig the obvious stuff and joky type things what do they guys out there really appreciate in parcels?

    Cheers in advance,
  2. Did this for a mucka on H13.

    Sent loads of Haribro - yon lad loved Tangtastics so we shoved a box of them in from Costco.
    Lots of non grot mags - lads mags can stretch to on the cultural sensitivity side. He'd already told us not to send grot or similar as they had ANA & ANP wallahs in the FOB & the CO had warned them off on it.
    Biscuits seemed to be popular as well but nothing chocolate for obvious reasons esp on a summer tour.
    Chuck in some wet wipes for persadmin - these were a request from a couple of lads in his section.
  3. Courier out a couple of the schoolkids.

    When your mate isn't making sweet love to them they could be utilised on patrols allowing other patrol members some well deserved time off.