Suggestions Abound for Mel Gibson Healing

From CJ's linked article

"I have difficulty with this public burying of a person," said Alan Kannof, a former chief operating officer at the William Morris Agency. "It's kind of like a mob reaction, a public stoning."

Now there's someone who either a) hasn't watched Life of Brian or b) has a sense of irony...
Oh Jehovah!
give him the "NOSE" then he will know the pain the yids feel !!
I think that Mel needs to bathe in the waters of Galilee, with an engine block tied to his head.
give him a Circumcision without anesthetic if he isn't already :twisted:
Force him to do guest appearances in "The Nanny", or if all else fails, make him watch "The Patriot".


War Hero
what did he say, i cant find a quote anywhere.
ViroBono said:
Mel Gibson said:
"The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."
Bit rich, coming from a Roman Catholic!
could not agree more


War Hero
lol brilliant, im sure the jews said "I dare you to gas us ALL!"

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