How about getting a link to the last page of a posting trail on the Home page, so you don't have to go to the first page and then click on the last page, just a thought...

We talked about this a couple of nights ago and are going to try and make it do that and also put on a function to see the posts since your last visit. No promises when!
Good CO said:
also put on a function to see the posts since your last visit. No promises when!
Am I missing something? I thought you already had that, in which case what have I been using these past months?
Sorry..... just checking to see if I get an arrow next to my name when I do the last post.

<twicer picks up a bugle> Tooot tooot To........ Toot Tooo Tooo...... etc
Waheyyyy !! Well whada ya know?! I did :D :D
Is it possible to make the 'Online' Users list alphabetical? Would make life so much easier when looking for someone :eek:)

Cheers ARRSE
There's quite a few "nice to haves" in the things to do list, but unfortuantely neither of us has had the time to get into the weeds of the site in the last couple of months. I agree that the members list is a particularly bad feature of the software and I'm sure we can sort it, and will do as soon as time allows - cub's honour.
What about introducing Forums for the RN and RAF, maybe a few other forums beneath them. We do seem to have gone Tri (maybe Bi - RAF) Service.

The idea of a tri service forum has been brought up in the past.

I think the chief objection at the time, was we're an Army board with Blue guests (Fcuk jointery :D )

In all seriousness though, maybe the idea could be reconsidered , in a small fashion. Possibly announcing that the "Aviation" thread means just that, and open to Dark Blue and light blue avaition bods

Then again, we might attract some of the more errrrr "Fixed in their views" PPrune posters.

Not sure where we'd put the matelots and booties though.

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