Suggestion to improve airborn force deployment

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Lord_Of_All_The_Chimps, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Ok, we all know the Paras are one mean bunch of badasses. They are nearly as hardcore as The Marines. But isn't it time we moved with the times regarding parachute deployed troops?

    When looking at how to improve airborne combat we need to look at it's weaknesses. First the fact that when you land you are all split up. Second is that it's risky. There is a risk of atleast 1 man's parachute failing to open. Third it costs a lot to train and provide the parachutes.

    Right, so how about rather than deploying all the troops with a parachute each, why not give all the troops a parachute between them? "How can you do that?", I hear you ask. Well it's simple. Put a very large box into the back of the aricraft (the box must be wooden and sturdy). All the men in the squad stand inside the box together armed with all their kit and weapons etc etc (but no parachutes). Next you need to attach an extremely large parachute to the wooden box that the troops are in. Then you can kick the box full of troops out of the plane using just one parachute to guide them to the ground safely and deploy them all at the same time in the same place.

    This cuts down on parachutes as you wil only be using one big one. It also ensures that all the troops land in exactly the same place at exactly the same time, because they are all in the same box. You can also save money in issueing parachutes and training as all that is required of the troops is that they stand in the box and wait.

  2. You're not a big fat bus driver from Lothian are you?
  3. Opinion ? How about your a co ck! Sounds about right to me.
  4. Chimpy lives!
  5. Funny, I thought this was Friday the 13th, not April 1st. 8O
  6. Schaden

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    Shouldn't there be some sort of test one passes before being allowed to post here?
  7. Instead of a big box, you could use a Glider.
  8. Listen guys, don't dissmiss this straight away. This will enable troops to get right on top of the battke. Also, the box will cover them from fire on the way down and also if the box lands on top of the enemy it could squash them.

    I don't see why some of you think this is a bad idea. Can't believe nobody has thought of this before to be honest.
  9. That's made my day!! :D
  10. Oh dear. I'm going to assume that you're slightly retarded and actually think that this is a good idea. If it's a wind up, then it's poor. D- and a re-show required. However:

    Last time I checked, rounds penetrate wood quite easily. Plus a fucking great box provides a rather large target.

    You might be onto something here. If you look back through the history of the British Army we've always struggled to beat the enemy that don't move. Dropping boxes on them might be a way ahead. :roll:

    That's all the humouring I can manage so I'd like to end by calling you a cunt.
  11. So rather than giving each man a parachute and having one fail to open, unfortunately killing that one man, you would rather have one parachute between the whole lot and risk killing them all if the same unfortunate incident should happen? Flaw in your logic methinks.
  12. I'm glad people are starting to take this seriously. It makes reading the thread so much more entertaining!
  13. Or we could use the tried and tested methods.

  14. Ok guys. Good points on the whole. maybe we should make teh box out of tin or a hardened plasteel compound that can deflect anything from rifle rounds to missile fire.

    As for the comment about the failing parachute. well the more parachutes you have the more chance atleast one will fail to open. By deploying less parachutes you are decreasing the chances of a failed parachute opening because considerable less parachutes are being deployed. Get it?

    Also, the box would be dropped right on top of an enemy entrenchment forcing them to either retreat into open ground and lose position or stay and be squashed by the box.
  15. Alternatively they could be dropped in a vehicle so that when they hit the deck they can just drive straight off to where they need to be. Just need to make sure the vehicle is weighted correctly in the first place