Suggestion for the women...

If you believe in re-incarnation you might want to sign up for " Bear " on the application form..
If you're a bear you hibernate. you can sleep for six months.
Before going to sleep you're expected to stuff yourself silly and bulk up with food. When you're sleeping you give birth to your kids who come out the size of walnuts and grow into cute cuddly cubs without disturbing you..
Every one knows that as a mama bear you mean business.. Get in the way of the kids and you swat the hell out of them... if the kids start acting up you swat the hell out of them, too...

If you're a bear, your mate expects you to wake up growling and he's into a mama with hairy legs and excess body fat...

Yup.. be a bear...

Do I encourage Mrs Sticky to go the whole hog and hibernate for 6 months, giving me 6 months peace, or would that mean that the sticklets would expect me to run round after tham while mama gets her zeds?

Drugs?.. moi?... um- no..just a possible FLASHBACK: see thread on crappy jobs..

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