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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Corporal, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. It's been said by more than one member, on more than one thread, that the NAAFI is suffering from excess drivel and boredom.

    So why not cull it? Get the mods and CO's together and have a major house cleaning. Cut it down to the belly laugh threads, and throw the rest away.
  2. We've been round and round the block with this one.

    Yesterday and today I've had a gut full and I know a few of the what I deem as 'The quality posters' are also completely cured.

    Maybe its time to quit trying, let the dullards take it over, change the name to the JRC and lay on lilt and crisps.

    Hats off to CC for getting a grip of it this afternoon and putting an end to the utter guff, p1ss and dribble thats been posted of late.

    We have a chatroom, the facility for multiple chatrooms, I simply don't understand the need for one word nob-end chat type bollox

    Shame its not a real NAAFI that way we could bully fcuk out of the dullards and pan thier lights in.... or at least gently persuade them not to gob off like a week two recruit when entering hallowed ground.

    Alternatively, make invitations to a lilt party in the NAAFI and await the dullards entry, lock the doors, board up the windows torch the place and build a new one

    My worst fear is a septic or an Aussie squaddie join the site wanting to see British Army banter and wit at its finest he then gets greeted by the goings on of late. 8O 8O
  3. MDN makes some really good points.

    But, offhand, the only way I can see the end of bone threads being posted is for the Moderators to vet and sort them all rejecting the crap as necessary.

    Do they have the time or would they be willing, more importantly, to do that?
  4. mighty_doh-nut wrote:
    Where is the popular peoples front?

    Hes over there


    Immortal, a really well thought out and genius posting.

    MDN, you may have 2000+ posts to your name (which is possibly an indication of your lack of social skills), but just because people other than you post in forums doesn't mean you should get arrsey.

    It's an open site, new people join, females get witch-hunted for being BB's new alias, and yes crap is written. So What?

    So what? If a newbie writes junk - leave it go..... There's no need to bemoan everything which doesn't go your own way every two minutes.

    Some of the stuff you write is very funny. Some of it is complete dross akin to the humour of Benard Manning or Bobby Davro. One man's meat is another man's poison as they say. No else gets on their soapboxes and writes MDN is dullard - feck him off to his own broom cupboard.

    Tolerance and acceptance are words which maybe lost on you, but you really have got on my tits you whinging little toe-rag. Maybe it's time you put the toys back into your pram, and acted with a bit of decency and maybe just maybe like a grown adult.

    I know I will get slated for this post, and to be honest I don't particularly give a monkey's.

    If you are that concerned, why don't you organise your own subscription site, where you can dictate to all and sundry what you expect - word for word - in their postings.

    I really am disappointed that you have felt the need once again, to resort to a puerile tantrum.

  5. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

  6. RHQ

    Clearly you and I are used to very very different NAAFI's

    The reason I started a poll a few weeks ago was because my inbox was full of PMs from people's whose input I value. Those people being the mainstay of the site and what attracts others to it.

    Maybe I am out of order in wanting to keep the dribble out, maybe I shouldn't winge when I see something that was once so good go to the dogs, maybe I should harbour to the likes of yourself and watch it take a downward slope..... If I am in the minority then so bit it, I will toe that line.

    As for that post being a tantrum, you should step out of the mess and into reality.
  7. Laudable response there MDN.

    I value everyone's opinion, they're usually valid until proved otherwise.

    All I'm saying is give people a chance. There's got to be a forum for people to spout shite no matter how irreverant or un-newsworthy.

    Everytime a relative newbie posts anything, you dismiss them out-of-hand.


  8. Laudable response there MDN.

    I value everyone's opinion, they're usually valid until proved otherwise.

    All I'm saying is give people a chance. There's got to be a forum for people to spout shite no matter how irreverant or un-newsworthy.

    Everytime a relative newbie posts anything, you dismiss them out-of-hand.


  9. Chatroom?
  10. Actually, having read back through the 30 summat pages of I know who you are you psychobitch , a lot of it was actually quite funny., in spite of the fact i was a bit peeved about it being so brutally yanked off topic , as my intention was to keep the pressure on a bit longer.

    Anya came back, and seemed to have found a form of tacit acceptance, especially when she stopped using txt speak. Actually,she's probably quite a bright girl, and she's up for the flaming

    I did notice MDN's post on Dullards late on , and that quick fractious exchange with Agent Smith , and then the thread got locked , either because CC had been petitioned or just got bored.

    RTFQ posts some simply stunning stuff, that doesn't rely on grossing out the reader for it's impact.

    Not a criticism, but sometimes you can get a little queasy reading about *******, grollies and the like 8O

    Yes there is drivel posted, the one word bollox had me looking on e-bay for a Flammenwerfer.

    However, remember the Naafi gives rise to some excellent , non-gross threads "Tiny Squaddie, Bill Oddie, Stumpy" etc.

    Crap threads invariably die a quick death anyway , the Golden ones do tend to stay near the top.

  11. RRR - Bobby Davro? That was a bit below the belt. :eek:
  12. MDN, this campaign of yours really smells of "me and my gang only"

    Im sorry mate but there is this "click" on Arrse and it both attracts and puts off new people.

    This statement
    From people you value! why not ask for your own individual password protected forum? then you and your muckers can keep it all to yourselves with no interference.

    We all say funny jokes and then we say sh1t jokes and get a ribbing off the blokes, we cant all be Tommy Cooper all the time (well maybe convoy could :roll: ! )

    Thing is every bad thread of drivil in the NAAFI has 4 more pages of "your mum eats donkey kock" trolling after it.

    Laugh at the rest IGNORE the rest, they soon dissapear.


    Ok waiting for my mum eats whatever...!
  13. Disco is that a quote from your Dad?

    I blame the septic!
    But not his face!
    He's just to damn pretty!

    Bad CO's posting, mans got class.
    Stop b*tch slapping, if you feed them they will stay.
    Read the threads, ignore the crap, post over it, move on!

    Then when CC rides in like death to the drivel on a black charger blade glinting in the moonlight to slash and destroy the crap you'll never even notice it's missing!

    Now I have that rather hot image to play with I’m off. :oops:

    Beebs x
  14. Not at all, and if thats the way it came across then I apologise.

    All I asked was for folk to think before they posted, think whether or not anyone was interested or would anyone benefit from reading what they had written. Nothing more.

    If I am in the minority then like I say, no worries, the dross stays and I shall wind in my neck.

    Incidentally, I'll wager the list of people I mention will be very similar to your list should they be compared.