suggested Osprey configurations

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sobota, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. okay, so, im looking for some suggested pouch configurations for my osprey armour cover and my osprey vest.

    just generally wondering what pouch placements peeps have found useful in the past

    the pouches ive got:

    5 x Utility (STD)
    2 x Utility (Small)
    1 x Water Bottle
    4 x Ammo
    1 x Quad UGL
    4 x 40mm Grenade
    2 x AP Grenade
    1 x Medic
    1 x Helmet Bag / Smoke
    1 x Knife / Torch

    all pouches are issue, none are aftermarket
  2. I found leaving the vest in its bag was the best option!

    I think a little more info may help, for instance are you dismounted inf, Armoured veh crew, CLP driver/ cmdr, bastion desk polisher, journo?
    Personally I had a twin mag pouch on the lower left, admin pouch on the chest and small utility pouch on the lower right. But I was in a warrior cupola, so I didnt have to carry much!
  3. The osprey vest is fucking dogshit. The best configuration I can think of is it littered across the inside of a skip. That's where most of my blokes ended up.

    I did collect them all and make a little fortune on ebay though.
  4. I wouldn't right off the vest just yet. I used it this year as the velcro on my Osprey was f*****d and would not stay closed with pouches attached.

    The other advantage is that you can take your kit off but still keep the armour on just in case anything exciting happens.

    Try it yourself, you won't need all the pouches unless you are going airsofting.
  5. I did rather prefer my PLCE belt kit (not the full thing,no shovel and another water bottle pouch) worn under the put all that crap on your armour you get prone your about 2 foot off the deck ! :)
  6. Go on the 'Kit to Buy for an Op Tour' sticky.

    We've just been discussing under-armour PLCE setups, which are a fair bit more practical.
  7. i found the best configuration was to leave the vest in its original wrapping and use belt kit!
  8. No plates? ...nice 8)
  9. Thank for the comments so far just needed for regular foot patrols, all that malarky
  10. belt kit then!
  11. the assault vest thing i had wascompletely seperate to the body armour!
  12. About sums that up lol
  13. Burn the gaysofter.
  14. how'd you get then issued when you're not in the Army yet?

    didn't know the ACF had Osprey!