Suggested methods for dealing with some cnut taking advantage of baby sister

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CasinoBoyale, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Title is pretty self-explanatory; just found out about this (she's 13, he's 17), and with me being the ever so slightly over-protective big brother that I am (unless she's annoying me, of course...), I have been overcome by the huge and primal urge to jump down this greasy fcuker's throat. So, in a bid for inspiration, I'm opening up to the floor in order to get ideas- the more graphic, painful, and entertaining, the better!

    Over to you...

  2. Write a letter to him telling him how angry you are.
  3. Tried that with my MP once- didn't really work...
  4. You must act like a grown up, however you feel, grown up you must be, when you have gained their trust, withdraw your ballpein hammer and smash repeatedly into the bridge of his nose.

    If you have timed this correctly, ie, shes gone to change her sock etc, she will return to a dead boyfriend

    If she is stood awestruck and jaw adrooped, now is not the time to be caught stood holding a hammer.
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  5. expose him to his muckers ( if he has any)
  6. Write on his Face Book wall that he is being a brute. If he fails to stop tell him you will "bop" him on his noes.
  7. You're just pissed off that she turned you down you jealous twat! Got any photos? Is she up for a threesome?
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  8. Shop him to the Child Protection Unit of your local plod, let them deal with it and have him put on the Nonce register. He's not worth getting yourself a record over. Then have a chat with your sister and explain to her that she is just a child, regardless of how much she watches Holloaks. And that this 17 year old has taken advantage of her, and swayed her thinking, and she's not old enough to know better. So you are acting for her own good and she'll thank you for it one day.

    Later, if you must hurt this 17 yo then:
    Plan A: use a car and make it look like an accident. Such accidents tend to have lower sentences if they go to court.
    Plan B: just push him under a truck or bus.
  9. As you're Welsh, I assume she's your wife as well?

    Anyway, give him two choices, f#ck off or sign on the sex offenders register as a paedo for ever.
  10. Strictly speaking I'm only half welsh- I should really change that avatar...

    Thanks for all advice- just to clarify (Thinking of you, CC), there will be no photos- to be fair I should have remembered it was the NAAFI :roll:
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  11. Does your sister put out at the age of 13? Was she dragged up?

    Spread the word he's a nonce and let the rent-a-mob take it from there.
  12. Not quite, but it looked like it was headed that way- nipped it in the bud, but it's still pretty poor
  13. Advise the fucker that he should look for girls his own age or at least over 16, explain to him what happens to nonces in prison, then drop him in it to plod.

    If that fails shoot him with a crossbow.
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  14. I'd rather have pictures of your mum! :)

    PM inbound mate.
  15. post pics of the sis, she sounds like she's gagging for it.