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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 5205Bradders, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone could suggest a good holiday destination or activity as I'm looking to book one. ;)
  2. Wouldn't that rather depend on a number of factors such as:

    What's your budget?
    What are your interests (ie what do you want to do on holiday)?
    What time of year are you going?
    How long are you going for?

    Not being funny, I, like a lot of others on ARRSE, am a seasoned holiday maker/traveller and if you give us a clue to what you want, you might get the advice you are seeking.


  3. Anything really - about £2000, open to any ideas, summer, 1-2 weeks... ;)

  4. Are you taking your wife/gf/partner?
    Do you like outdoor activities (walking, diving, bungy jumping, climbing, sailing etc)?
    Do you just want to sit on a beach/drink/get laid?

  5. 2000 for how many people? There was a lot about Croatia in The Times on Saturday and it looked lovely. Look on newspaper websites for their travel articles and see what appeals to you.
  6. Taking my girlfriend, £2000 for 2 people. Im open to any sort of holiday suggestion - minus getting tinnies for Mr_Deputy ;)
  7. I've travelled a lot around the globe but there is one place I do rather like and that's Teneriffe ... so long as you avoid the bustling Brit crowds. Reasonable prices, relatively quick to get to, good days out (worth hiring a car), some good outdoor activities ... walking in the mountains, sailing, parascending etc. For me (and my gf) inexpensive and bl00dy excellent diving (as good as Florida) worth learning whilst you are there or at least doing a try dive. And still good on the pi$$. If you can avoid it, go just outside of the school hols ... cheaper and less crowded.

  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Seconded. And 2 grand will get you there for a fortnight and probably do for spending too.
  9. Cuba's an interesting holiday destination if you don't mind a longish flight.
    A fortnight for two, all inclusive, shoudn't cost you more then £1400.00
  10. A lot really does depend on what you fancy, for that kind of money you ought either to be able to get an activity type holiday in the Med, sailing or diving for example with some quality training as part of the deal. Or you can go exotic Thailand, and Goa or the carribean would fall into that price range but probably only beach booze and food. The other thing is to check the expected weather at the time you are going is a good site, sometime they offer good deals because the weather is not at it's best, places like thailand and india you have to look out for the monsoon season, and in the carribean there are those pesky hurricanes.
  11. Cancun, did it for me.
  12. Aye seconded there Cuba is a great place, but make sure you do at least 4-5 days in Havana as well, what a cracking place and untouched by commercialism so you see it as it really is.
  13. Cheers guys, I'll definately look into all the suggested options... and see what the missus thinks...
  14. Try Ocean VIilage, a week in Barbados followed by a week's cruise around the Caribbean. Do it on a B&B basis at one of a selection of great hotels on offer on the island and all food is free on the ship, with a couple of high class restaurants that have a surcharge. They make some great stops at places like Antigua, Trinidad, St Lucia. If you're serious about the girlfriend she'll love it.