suggested falklands kitlist??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by evo7scotsman, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. im going to the falklands next march for a 2wk excersize.
    is it gonna be freezing or just a bit cold?
    any suggested gucci kit i can spend my xmas money on?
  2. a camera, just to prove to your sad mates that you were ever there.
    Oh, a new liver just in case.
  3. Plenty of Alka-Seltzer, a benny hat, and a Spanish phrase book (just in case)

    But seriously, the weather down south, is infinitely changeable. Splash out on a Buffalo, some decent gloves and a hat, oh, and oil your boots before you go.
  4. cheers guys.
    got a softy, hat an gloves.
    will there be snow?
    whats the oiling of the boots for?
    any idea how long it takes to get there?
  5. Are you for real ?. No pre ex instructions ?
  6. I am finding it hard to believe that anyone would have a 2 week ex in the FI
  7. Same here.

    However, if you are going, take beer vouchers.........

    They is best sah!!
  8. It'd take 2 bleeding weeks to get there !
  9. The mind boggles!

    However if I was you Evo, I'd pack some Janet and John spell books in my holiday suitcase
  10. Could also be a space cadet?

    Take spandex, plenty of spandex.
  11. No it's true I know some lads from our TAC went down to play enemy for the
    FIDF and other units down there albeit it was for 3 weeks that they went. The local dropshots have also been for live firing ex's as well
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Take plenty of beer chits!MPA is one big bar!!The seasons down there are a bit cock eyed,I was there between April - August 1988 & the FI winter is around about June!Take plenty of warm clothing,long johns (underwear for the piss taking muppets!)Gaiters & good thick socks & boots. The wind chill factor is a problem over there so good gortex & gloves & hat/scarf is a must. A cameras a must as well! When I was there we were'nt allowed Spirits in the bars,just beer & wine as it was decided by the powers that be that only SNCO's (and I'm talking CSM/WO's here) & officers could drink spirits.BUT,right opposite the main enterance to the Death Star was the civvie contractors accomodation & bar (called Turners) where you could get spirits &!Yes Bingo!!
    If you can,take a personal stereo with rechargable batteries or a portable DVD player as the TV & radio service is sh1te!Dont worry about porn as the rooms were awash with grot mags when I was there.I did'nt look forward to going there but I'm very glad I went.
    If you can get a night out in Stanley,it's,shall we say,a eye-opener!

    Ohhh....Benny women.......
  13. im in the ta and going as a vm supporting the damned artillery on a live fire camp
  14. Antibiotics and every cream you can find from a VD clinic.