Suggest an explonation for this picture.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shed7628, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Note to moderators I'm just asking people to explain reasons for the anomaly on this picture and not starting any sort of thread like the last one .

    This is the picture of the 4 London bombers as released by the police .
    can be seen on BBC web site .

    Would like you to look closely at the man at the rear in the white cap.
    Look at the bottom of his left arm.
    there is a horizontal bar running in front of his arm .
    Yet those railings appear to be behind him .

    Any Ideas ?

  2. 307

    307 War Hero

    its a pattern on his jacket?
  3. It looks like the top of the guy in the black hat's rucksack.
  4. Yawn. Bore off Shed.
  5. Yes - you are sad and lonely.
  6. why dont you bore off im in the naffi and all im asking is for people to give there reasons .
  7. Your not another of these tin hat wearing geeks where everything and everone is out to get you are shed?

    Are you trying to say foul play has been done?
  8. You must be even sadder to reply to a sad and lonley persons post.

    aint ya got owt better to do you intresting person

  9. a aint said a thing im just asking for your reason for why the railing apearrs like it does .
  10. You could at least run the thread title through spellchecker
  11. It's where the guy in the white caps arm ends and the back caps bag ends, as they're the same colour makes it look like the bar is over the top.
  12. you will find if you run spellchecker throught a spell checker it comes out with spell checker.
  13. Whats up the star trek convention not on tonight?

    How long have you been studying the piccy to spot that?
  14. A bloody hate opitcal illusions!