suggest a suitable recepticle for cooking rabbits in

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by mickeyluv, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. I have just watched a vid on youtube which suggests boiling skinned rabbits for 2 1/2 hours and was thinking that those stainless serving containers with lids from the mess (usually filled with badly cooked pasta, beans or oven chips) would sit nicely on my double burner camping stove. Anyone know where I can get one from or any other suggetions as to suitable recepticles would be appreciated.
  2. A cooking shop?
  3. They are called "bain-maire" containers - available from any cookware shop near you. If in the UK try these people
  4. Are you cooking them outside on a camping stove?

    They take forever to boil.... what about a small amount of water in a pressure cooker, would also cook a lot quicker.
  5. If you use a big roasting tin with a double layer of tin foil scrunched around the edges for a lid, that will probably work quite well. Most big Tesco type places will have them for about £10 - go for a heavy guage one as the heat will distribute better.
    However if you want to go all out and splash the cash, get a big Le Creuset type casserole dish Cast Iron Oval Casseroles - Le Creuset - I have accumilated a cupboard full over the years and would be lost without them. I am partial to a bit of roadkill when times are hard and the big oval casseroles will easily fit a big fat phessie in...
  6. I thought a bain-marie was one of those pot within a pot things, where the outer pot is filled with water so that the inner pot isn't overheated. What Mickey wants is a casserole pot.
    This one looks like it might be suitable.
  7. If you're cooking outdoors then a Dutch Oven is a brilliant bit of kit. The best venison stews we've had have been done with one. The Dutch Oven is fantastic for making bread as well Good price at Ronnie Sunshines
  8. Wouldn't you be better off asking on Rear Party? Surely they'd have more experience.
  9. "I am partial to a bit of roadkill when times are hard and the big oval casseroles will easily fit a big fat phessie in..."

    I can live with that, but can I have my daughter's roller- skates back?
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  10. " Dutch oven " he he he ha ha fanar fanar
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  11. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Over night in a slow cooker, F@cking idiot proof cooking, and I should know
  12. Cram it into one of these. Do the neighbours know what happened to Flopsy?

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  13. Anyone know where you can buy decent rabbit for cooking? Pissed off with supermarket crap.
  14. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Ashtons in Cardiff market

    E. Ashton (Fishmongers) Ltd., Cardiff Central Market - fishmongers, poulterers & game dealers

    As well as fish, the company also sells poultry and game. During the game season, wild boar, kangaroo, ostrich, emu, pheasants, partridge, grouse, wild duck and rabbits are available.

    And people wonder why I live in Cardiff
  15. There's a Chinky Guy runs a stall on Dewsbury Market, apparently he sells really nice
    Wabbits, he's that friendly he even leaves the Long Tails attached.
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