Suggest a new career for Ed Miliband

Now that Miliband has driven the Labour car into a tree, it's going to be time for him to find gainful employment outside of politics.

Suggest a new career for the lad and give some useful advice to help negotiate the workplace that his party helped create.

On a zero-hour contract of course.
Choo Choo!!!

With Cleggy close behind (except in the election of course)
If he was 'working class' he'd struggle for a job, but he's a millionaire champagne socialist, so his rich friends will look after him.
They will possibly be seeking financially lucrative billets amongst the EU(SSR's) Brussels Politburo as "special advisors" in something .....
Rent boy as he now knows what it's like to be shafted for being shite at a job?
Possibly a life in crime and a stretch in prison, write a book and become a novelist, oh hang on archer did this!


Open a restaurant called 'Fried Balls'. Speciality - rabbi-friendly bacon sandwiches.


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
Wait a mo. He still has to lead the chosen into Canaan!



War Hero
Fig 11 on a ETR
Hmm, not sure that Ed has got the preferred background for a lot of these jobs being suggested.

It's got to be London based, preferably not involving team work although an ability to be carried by other people's effort is desirable.

I reckon an art critic or doing the tills in a Sports Direct shop. I was going to recommend food critic but the only place they'd be able to film would be in an Ortolan restaurant.

He's a fully ticketed c√ľnt, so shouldn't have a problem, somewhere, in something; hopefully far distant.

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