Sugar Puffs Piss

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by canarybob, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. I had a piss today and it smelt of Sugar Puffs. Apart from shagging the Honey Monster, which I haven't, what the hell could cause that?
  2. Asparagus.
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  3. Or Sugar Puffs
  4. Bad AIDS?
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  5. Did you forget to wash your cock after fucking a ginger bint?
  6. Dehydration

    Is it stupid to refuse fluids because you like the smell of sugar puffs?
  7. Yes.....just eat Sugar puffs.
  8. Diabetes, for sure.
  9. Maybe sugar puffs smell like piss and cock instead.
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  10. More likely after back scuttling a mangy urban fox
  11. I remember me and some fellow evertonians were on the coach coming back from an away game at wolves. Whilst turning on the roundabout the coaches toilet made a loud had exploded! Cue piss flowing out everywhere and making it's way down the aisle covering everything. That smelt of sugar puffs and it's safe to say a none of us scallies had been eating asparagus!

    On a serious note it could be a sign of diabetes :-(.
  12. So it's definitely asparagus or AID's or diabetes or shagging a ginger bint or back scuttling a mangy urban fox. Thanks for the reassurance fellas.
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  13. Well it would be better than the shite KBR dish up that's for sure!
  14. Sorry, I don't take advice from civvies! :mrgreen:
  15. Haha! I didn't offer any ;-). Plus I'm still serving until 23:59.
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