'Sugar Daddy Parties' where young women hook up with wealthy older men (for money)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_bloke, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. Slow news day for the smail, what with a WW3 story? they have theis shite.

    Organised events that offer to set up wealthy older men with young cash-strapped women, dubbed ‘Sugar Daddy Parties’, are set to come to Britain after becoming popular in the U.S.

    The parties have been hosted at swanky New York cocktail bars, where the ‘daddies’ discuss fees for future dates with the women who take their fancy – and its organisers are now seeking London venues.

    Read more: Coming to Britain soon: The 'Sugar Daddy Parties' where young women hook up with wealthy older men | Mail Online

    Now take a look at the US slappers it attracts ?. Better selection at the Scorpion on a bad night.

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  2. Don't get me wrong here, i''m a fat cunt with a face like a prolapsed rectum but for fucks sake, with a pocket full of cash I would expect to do MUCH better than those 3 munters!!!
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  3. I agree,if your must pay for 'it' then at least pay for something better looking,,,I would do all of em for free tho....
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  4. Impressive chebs on the bloke in the middle but as said above, if I was a wealthy old fella, I'd be more inclined to be searching for a good looking young slapper, not tired old hag.
  5. I wouldn't want to do better. I'd have all fucking three of them. Especially that one in the middle! Great tits and she can make a roll up with only one hand. What else do you need?
  6. Perhaps a visit to an optician is in order for you?? Specsavers are supposed to be very good.........other opticians may be available
  7. It's nothing to do with specs. I just like rough women.
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  8. Why pay for it when folks are giving it away?
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Ugly birds, don't yell,don't tell, and are always as grateful as hell,
  10. Because you can agree 'terms' beforehand and it saves on plying the bitch with drink all night and having her puke over your settee as you're doing her up the chuff.
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  11. You always pay for it in one form or another.
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  12. I'd fucking smash the 2 on the left. Even I'd think twice about the one on the right. Looks like a retarded fucking sealion.
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  13. That's clearly the wrong picture. That's from a "grab a granny" night party.
  14. Is the "blonde" wearing any underpants?
  15. So basically a place where hookers can meet punters, rather than standing round on street corners waiting for a pick up. Fair enough, but why dress it up as a "party", be honest and say what it is.
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