Not sure if this is the right place but........

Looking for info on Suffolk as a place to live.

I have the possibility of transferring with my job, where's good to live, where's not.

Married with two kids, so like the quiet life.

I don't need nightlife, quiet country pubs & good walks are sadly what I require.

Any advice appreciated.
I recently went up to 'that part of the world' to do a course for working the rigs.

When driving into the county I was lulled into a false sense of security. It was a sunny day. The grass was greener than I had seen for a long time. I even made a preliminary judgment that this was real Britain, nice pastures and rolling countryside, sorely missed elsewhere.

When I got to the patrol station the alarm bells started to ring... I just got an odd shiver up my spine. There was nothing unfriendly, but the way I was spoken was more overly friendly, and a little slow.

I drove on, and ended up in Lowestoft (Norfolk or Suffolk - same thing) on a Sunday afternoon. I needed to withdraw some money so I headed for the high street. Again, the same familiar shiver up my spine, the place was deserted, not merely less busy (it being a Sunday) but actually deserted. Except for the few young kids, particularly chavy/trampy looking kids, kicking and playing with a festering dead pigeon in a shop door way.

I walked on, eventually I found a cash machine, it was out of service, hadn't been filled up. No problem, but so were the next 4.

While continuing on to my accommodation in the car, I really did think I started to recognise people. Not people that I knew from years back or my home in the south of England, no that at all. More people I had scene half an hour ago walking along the side of the road. A confusion set in that was only abated with the acceptance that 'something' was 'different' around here.

I finally arrived at the Inn, lovely, nice and relaxing, overlooking some gleaming fields, good breakfast and all I thought.

Then I got talking to the 'locals' at the bar. Again, same shiver, now becoming increasingly familiar. Only this time mixed with an excruciating boredom, and followed by some worry (for them not me). Then some worry for me as I started to feel like I was being considered as another possible addition to a shrinking gene pool.
Having spent some time in Aldeburgh on the coast I felt that the kids there had been spawned by Huntingdon Life Sciences on a particularly bad QA/QC day.

I developed a strange habit of counting digits on approaching pedestrians. Looking for that sixth finger and an undying need to take up the banjo. :lol:

Aldeburgh is fantastic, really. I would up sticks and live there tomorrow if possible.



fastmedic said:
Having spent some time in Aldeburgh

Full of retired Generals!
Its being advertised extensively on the tube in London at the moment as a 'weekend' destination for the family.

Again....just lulling you into their trap.....

....they need no flippers in the pool....
We are more inland, but there are some gorgeous little villages around here. House prices seem to be extreme though (or maybe I'm just being a pikey again)

Have a look at this site for details on specific areas.

Just make sure you stay away from the Stowmartians with their conical heads.

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