Suffolk ... Unhealthiest lifestyle ... Healthiest people ? ... Go figure

There's inevitably going to be a large difference between the samples, one being respondents to a voluntary poll and the other being everyone who used healthcare services in the area.

Wouldn't it be ironic if it was all these immigrants supposed to be flocking here to abuse the NHS that were keeping the 'healthy' stats up?
Of course certain communities are interbreeding, especially if they are constantly marrying, or having kids with first cousins etc.

Then there's the situation with the Bone Idle and Work Shy living on estates who are related to just about everyone, because the local Vicky Pollards are probably have several kids by different local Chav-Mongs.

Missy Vicky Pollard probably sometimes doesn't know who the father of her kids are, because she was sh*te-faced at the time of conception....

So consequently there could be half-brothers and sisters continuing breeding more generations of Chav-Mongs..... until the web-toes appear, and all these offspring can utter are the words.... "Innit... Innit... Me Ooming Rites... Innit!!"
Ipswich is best viewed on Market Days. There is usually a "donut" stall there and an interesting collection of customers waiting for another fix.
If one eats a "donut" one usually uses a couple of fingers to hold the delicious treat. I have watched some of the dribblers that are so desperate for their fix that they are cramming fistfuls into their mouths at a time

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