Suffolk Police ... Gotta be well done Operation Racecourse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Ipswich: Athletics coach Stephen Benson guilty of 15 sex assaults on two teenagers. - News - Ipswich Star

    Suffolk has been running an operation against abusers. It started before Savillegate. And my Lord have the Police skittled some historic abusers. St Georges School Finborough, Oakwood School Stowmarket, schools in Ipswich. Bandmasters in the community. Conviction after conviction and now another one bites the dust.

    It has to be well done Suffolk Police. Just a word to the new PCC Tim Passmore. Don't steal the credit. They nabbed most of their targets before PCCs were thought of.
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  3. Says a man on the internet! :)

    Saying that, any man who winds up BB is a good egg in my eyes. Theres just not enough paranoia in the world for that strange chap.
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  6. At the risk of sounding stoopider than wot i already is, How does one go about doing that?
  7. At the risk of sounding stoopider than wot i already is, How does one go about doing that? And can it be used in the real world?
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    I can't tell you - I've got you on ignore...

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  9. Yeh, I believe they started an internal inquiry first and weeded out a few of their own kiddy-fiddlers.

    It may be The Tractor Boys Police, but also one of the most corrupt, especially Bury St Edmunds, the gutless ****ing interbred *****.
  10. Suffolk police aint got shit on Kent police.
  11. I already have. I just took a wild guess that it was another anti-plod rant.

    I'll leave well enough alone now.


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