Suffolk Murder Suspect Charged

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fugly, Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

  2. Well I'm sure the first guy who was arrested has prob. been released on bail to see what country he is going to relocate to with the compensation he's due.
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Agreed. First bloke admitted knowing all 5, was interviewed 4 times, then finally nicked. Probably as a decoy for the bloke who they just charged.

    This blokes life in the area is now destroyed - yes he might have associated with whores in the area, but he probably didn't murder them. Regardless of this, the vigilante local community will ensure that he is never welcome in the area again.

    He is just fortunate in the fact that he will be able to claim millions in compensation for his arrest, imprisonment, slurs against his character, etc,etc. Not to mention the loss of his myspace account!

    Might even be the best thing that happened to him.
  4. well how come his ID was published in the National Press in the first place, surely that's against the Law?

    innocent till proven Guilty?
  5. Oh strange, I thought the BBC had already tried and convicted the 1st suspect and where only awaiting public approval for a lynching......

    Being weird is not yet a crime in this country, hopefully the world will now wait for a Jury to convict the 2nd suspect before the sentence is proclaimed.

    Surely some sort of protection is due to suspects UNTIL they are convicted, Trial by television is not justice
  6. Maybe because he had given interviews to the press before his arrest? Don't know that part of the law too much personally but I'm sure some journo would use that as part of their defence.
    I'd like to know if the first person is no longer a suspect, why is released on bail? Shouldn't he just be released full stop? Unless they've got something else on him?

    Now where is Babyblue with the 'inside details' about the arrests? According to her last post on the previous Ipswich thread, her info was correct.
  7. I felt sorry for the first suspect (who sounded like a scapegoat from the beginning, tbh) as soon as the papers started making such a meal out of his MySpace account. That really was desperation. And even the Telegraph was guilty of that - who the fcuk cares how many friends he has on his profile, or that he has a picture of Hong Kong Phooey on it.

    And if he is innocent, I hope he gets what's due to him.
  8. oh Shite!, my Myspace has details of how to make Ricin! and overthrow a Government! :eek:
  9. Shunned by friends, family and neighbours, windows smeared in dog poo, young children pointing at him and random youths smashing him in the face when he goes for his daily paper. That'll teach him, the prostitute using, sex paying, lonely old weirdo.
  10. It's a market economy. Definitely a wierdo, but if he isn't causing anyone any harm then fair play to him.
  11. Hang on chaps. Just what have the media done to suspect number one other than repeat what he himself had either put on the web or had said to the papers? The media just highlighted what the bloke himself had already made public and they didn't they accuse him of anything.

    Compensation? For what?
  12. He won't get any compo for being arrested as you have to have reasonable grounds to suspect he's commited the offence and his subsequent detention would have to be authorised by firstly, the custody sargeant, then a superintendant for more than 24 hrs, then a magistrate for any further subsequent detention.
  13. I feel sorry for his parents. The press harrassed the sh*te out of them.
  14. I agree, good old press eh? accountable to no-one but themselves and willing to sell their souls for a story.
  15. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Well lets go arrest every fcuker who has a myspace account then. Just because the bloke is a bit strange/odd/eccentric(delete as appropiate according to wealth), doesnt make him a mass murderer. This bloke, if indeed innocent, is now going to go through a nightmare for the foreseeable future if he remains in the area. And thats only if he is lucky.

    I hope - If proved innocent - this bloke gets a massive payoff. This fcuking ridiculous country constantly pays out millions to asylum seekers, jailed drug addicts, etc etc, so if this bloke gets his life ruined by the vigilante mod then he deserves moving and protecting.

    And for those of you who have never served in HM Forces - which is an unfortunelaty(sp!) large amount of this site - Most squaddies have been with a whore at some point. Germany, Kenya, Belize, etc etc, the list goes on.