Suffield, Alberta, Canada

Looking for the wee ones Daddy?

:lol: :lol:
Another case of a Brit coming and romancing my Canadian woman?
Are you the uncle I herd about from my aunt; that steamy love filled night in a Calgary bar parking lot?

Cheers 2CB
You tried contacting the Child Support Agency?
BrandySmith said:
Very funny... not the case though... Haven't we already had this conversation????
Maybe you're just persistent? LOL

On a serious note if you know their name and rank or even their unit you could try contacting the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow. Link below.

Army Personnel Centre

They will pass on any correspondence if they are able to do so.
BrandySmith said:
Thanks Duck, that will help. I would still like to talk to someone who was there - someone has to remember this guy. There has to be an easier & faster way to track him down.
Hmmmm. Why are you so keen track him down? Was he your bestest ever bottom bang and want another go? From the thread it seems a bit more than just tracking down an old friend. I would help more but I don't trust you.
I don't think you'll get much joy on this site - we're a suspicious bunch, unfortunately the world makes us that way.

If it's that important, go through APC as above.
Look mate if you give us lot a bit of detail on why you want this information you may get a little more joy . Otherwise you have no chance , quit the attitude .
I was there too Brandy. However, I also knew someone called Brandy from '93 used to be a barmaid in the famous Cheetahs.
Why do you want to know?, pm me.

Nige, was you there as a gunfitter in 99/00-00/01??
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