Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by FNUSNU, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. After a wait of 49 years my father-n-law's GSM finally showed up. Unfortunately they still managed to fcuk up. He served with 3 Para before the invasion which earned him the 'Canal Zone' bar which he recieved today. BUT he also got called back up for the invasion and jumped in in '56 with 33 Para Fld Ambulance. He should have recieved the 'Near East' medal for Op Muskateer as this was issued back in the 50s back when it was issued. (Maybe he missed out as he was called up after finnishing his national service). I made all this plainly clear in the covering letter I sent to the medal office, included everything they asked for, name nuber, units, dates etc. I'm going to have to get back on the blower when it is open again and try and sort it out.

    I'm still waiting for my Telic medal, I was in theatre in Feb 03 and the paperwork was submitted as soon as the medal was given the go ahead, so I am slightly annoyed whn I see people comming back after their first tour and their medals are waiting for them!!

    By the way, have a proper good Christmas!
  2. It did not earn a Canal Zone Bar ....What should have been on there was a Bar that says NEAR EAST. The words Canal or Egypt were to sensitive to be used
  3. The CANAL ZONE clasp was retrospectivly authorised in October 2003 he should have recived a GSM 1918-62 with clasps CANAL ZONE and NEAR EAST with the canal zone clasp being at the bottom if i am read your post correct if he had of recived his GSM in the 50s he would have just got a clasp in the post seams the medal office cant get its head round the fact that someone might be entiteled to more than one clasp
  4. 'Canal Zone' is the one that has just been given for service in Egypt before the conflict in 1956 (which my father-in-law has on his GSM) The 'Near East' bar is the one that is missing!
  5. Thats spot on mate!
  6. That is quite correct, I was with 1 Para on this escapade
  7. i would send the medal office a strongly worded snot-o-gram they dont read letters properly i wrote them a letter couple of years ago requesting info on my great grandads medal entitlement for his service pre-ww2 what i got back was a list of his ww2 medals with a paragraph abot where to buy replacments and the quote "we now consider this matter closed" thing is i knew what ww2 medals he had already i was just trying to id the medals he was wearing in a pre war photo
  8. FNUSNU.,.........It is just thought but if he was attached to 3 Para during this time then he should have Cyprus Clasp as well as they spent some out there in 1956. Also it took them eight years to send my medals on to me, by the time they arrived i had forgotten all about them.
  9. Just asked him, he was in Cyprus! They staged out of there before the invasion. We were there fighting the insurgent terrorists at the time, before independence.
  10. FNUSNU......Yes that is correct, and after Suez they then returned there, so there should be a Cyprus Clasp as well for that medal
  11. Well blow me, the medal office seem to be getting better. The 'Near East' bar has arrived through the post at my father-in-law's. I wonder if the 'Cyprus' bar is on its way? As you can see from the first post, the GSM and 'Canal Zone' bar arrived back in December. Better late than never!
  12. FNUSN.....Having got one of the medals write back while they still have his papers at hand and ask for the Cyprus clasp to go with it.
  13. Will do, in fact I'll try ringing them first thing on Monday and see what I can do!
  14. My father was at Suez on Op MUSKETEER with the RN. His naval GSM has the clasp Near East on it.
  15. inf/MP....He was on the Suez do of 1956, he was also out in the Canal Zone a bit earlier and got that clasp as well, now he chasing the Cyprus clasp as well. Well lets face it he waited 50 years for it.