sueing building contractors?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Billboard, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Billboard

    Billboard Old-Salt

    Info needed of how and can i sue building contractors who came into my flat the last month. And they stole me and my gf flannels and dust pan and brush. Thanks.
  2. exnorthener

    exnorthener Old-Salt

  3. CC_TA

    CC_TA LE

    Get off the fence you! :lol:
  4. Were the flannels and the dust pan and brush matching?

    Serious question. It could affect the case.
  5. Billboard

    Billboard Old-Salt

    Stealing is stealing whether small or big. If i trust these immigrant contractors to come into my home they should not steal or touch my belonging. Only constructive answers plz.
  6. Billboard

    Billboard Old-Salt

    Ha Ha no they weren't.
  7. I do think that serious answers are going to be rarer than Halal bacon.
  8. Have you photographs of said item lying about your gaff?

    Perhaps in a strange daze you may have postcoded them?

    No to each? Then I reckon this would be very difficult to prove even if the Police were interested.
  9. Krek_Brizzle

    Krek_Brizzle War Hero

    Have you tried ringing the contractors up if you're really that bothered? I hear immigrants are people too.
  10. Did they not steal any of your GF's soiled knickers?

    If not, is it because she is a munter?
  11. CC_TA

    CC_TA LE

    Write to the Daily Mail - they might give a feck. :)
  12. osta

    osta Old-Salt

    My bold, explain how this is relevant in this alleged "crime"