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Sue - Weve got the Guardian

It's the public schoolboy charm
Women like a man who can say the F-word with my accent. It makes them come over all 'unnecesssary' :D

Still working on others, trying to get it pitched at Wednesday morning.

PVR'd , who's the big contact we have on the Hootsmon , is it Ian Bruce?
As I said to Tony a few moments ago, I will take Sue wherever she needs to go on Wednesday and get her to Dorking for the council meeting - all I need to know is where we need to be for what times...
Ok, Mirror should have finished talking to Sue by now.

Vicki says "Oi Fluffy , that Amex donation to paypal was from me"

So good egg her.

Sue, Vicki wants to get you for a feature on Wednesday.
Telegraph will run another piece on Wednesday , depending on decision, they are interested in a Thursday morning editorial piece as well.

Editor responsible will be calling Sue again.

Telegraph concerned that Mirror will offer large sums of folding for an exclusive feature. I told them "Good luck with that, she's an Army wife and liable to tell them to ram it" :D
Well, sent the site link to the original story's comments page at the Mail the day the site went up, and they didn't post it. Get the feeling they might be spitting by now? :lol:
Hi all, sorry for the lack of comms on the arrse front, altho my mate Ally has been keeping me up to date - bless her!

Am now in deepest darkest Essex....no inappropriate comments plis i am an essex gal!!!!!!!!

Today have spoken to:
got the impression they're running it on weds and wanted me to send some digi photos of Pete n boys at SOH/HC, so will have a rummage tonight, however they didn't send an email address, so, can't do much else on that front
Also seem to be running with this on Weds
Telegraph (quite a few times) - and Heathcliff O'Mally their photographer managed to find me to take some pix of me n the boys - that'll be intrestin 8) Audrey said it was going to be run tmrw.......so I'd best go and buy one!

That's all at the mo, nothing else has made it to me - altho have to say that's pretty impressive as a start, was in Maldon along the estuary with the boys, grannie n grandad fending off the phone whilst jugglin children n icecreams, impeccable timings!!!! :roll:
Soooooo impressed about the petition, Ally keeps txting me update - if she ever gets logd onto this, I would most deff put her name fwd for a campaign medal :cheers:

ps fyi no-one offered anything i.e large amounts of wonga :twisted:
PVR'd , who's the big contact we have on the Hootsmon , is it Ian Bruce?
I sent some stuff on BAFF to the Glasgow Herald 18 months ago, who ran a story - it was FoI response on MoD union/federation policy. I don't have the email address, but it was Ian Bruce at the Herald.

It was probably Douglas/Hackle who was in comms with the Scotsman.

Sky and BBC24 now juggling with each other on possible slots for tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed.

Just briefed GMTV who finally decided it was worth a punt. Juggling their trackplan at the moment, if they can't do tomorrow, they'll be looking at a "The fight goes on, though I am so disappointed" or "Ain't it brilliant" interview with Sue on the couch.

Fingers crossed yet again.

I've emphasised how important getting Sue on the box is , and the editors agree. Let's hope nothing else breaks of any value.

Edited : Sue , Heads up, Sky News planning are phoning you in the next 10-20 mins

GMTV want first dibs on a "The fight goes on" story, and an interview with Sue on the sofa for Friday if we lose.

Mixed feelings about that, but GMTV are saying that's the story they absolutely want.
Would this have anything to do with why SNG Broadcast Services spent a happy 30 minutes or so going round the site earlier? Or was that just one of their employees with an email? :D
I was talking to Sky while she was tooling round the website , and making Tut-Tut noises and "ooooooooooo those sods" errrrrr allegedly.

They all picked up on the terrorism thing, I think the Torygraph are looking to humiliate Webb on those comments tomorrow.

Further errrrr allegedly, there may allegedly have been conversations between the Torygraph and a Mr. D. Cameron, along the lines of "Get a f*****g grip of Grayling David"


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