Suddenly I hate Daniel Radcliffe.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mitchthebar, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. I just heard on the radio that Daniel Radcliffe is officially the richest "young person" in the world.

    All of a sudden, after giving the subject a little thought, I hate the lucky little fuckwit.

    They said that he is earning 13 Million a year, and the lucky little git can probably get a shag with almost any Doris he fancies. So I hate him now.

    It's not that I am jealous or anything, honest, spawny little cunt.

    Rant over............. I feel better now.
  2. Who's Daniel Radcliffe?
  3. Is this a wahhhhhhh ? :?

    Just in case you really don't know, it's the kid that plays Harry Potter.
  4. I'd thought he might have been a lacklustre cricketer or some such. Who's Harry Potter? Is it a remake of some old Michael Caine film? Was thaat the guy's name in The Ipcress files?
  5. Now I know you're extracting the urine.

    You must have heard of Harry Pornstar - unless you've been living on the planet MLARRS for years that is.
  6. And the cnut cant even act for gods sake
  7. Oh right it's a porn flick. Haven't seen one of those for years - the missus wouldn't be amused! Guess I'm a bit out of touch. So he's the John Holmes of the modern age hey? Well fair play to him.
  8. you've only just made the decision to hate him? I've had a strong pot of vitriol brewing for a while now.......It all started when that girl that plays Hermione became legal. what I'd do to her :twisted:
  9. I'd still knock one into Hermoine Granger!!! Is that wrong???
  10. no, as said before, she is legal :twisted:
  11. Not any more chum! However my plans involving a screwdriver and balaclava might be......
  12. Only if your thinking of her in the first film...



  13. If Radcliffe has any sense he has already popped her cherry....
  14. Not strictly true, he is rather good infact.

    Anyway good luck to him I say, its the ginger one that really grips me!
  15. you called?