Sudden rush of faeces to the brain at top of DMS?

Impossible to enforce and utterly unrealistic. If the patient is happy for someone else to take up their complaint then it is their chioce if their medical details are talked about by others. Sounds like the DMS clutching at straws to me
hedgie said:
How can it apply to families
My thoughts too. It just doesn't make sense.

Anyone at the "Centre of Excellence" in a position to confirm or deny the truth of this report?
bovvy said:
I've read the link from Neuroleptic several times, and find it bizarre.

Radioactiveman, would you mind posting the first (arrse) link again; it doesn't seem to work. Or could you point me to the right forum. Thanks.
Try this one, althoughit deviates into a discussion of the Road Traffic Act for some reason!
Thank you for the arrse link, Neuroleptic. I'm afraid I'm none the wiser, but might have a little difficulty sleeping tonight.

I don't think I can add anything to your "incorrect" or "completely unrealistic" comments. :omfg:

The first mistake you made was in the title of this thread "Sudden rush of faeces to the brain at top of DMS?", you mentioned brain and top of DMS in the same phrase!

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