Sudden case of Judge getting it right.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wija, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. The bloke should never have pleaded guilty - in fact he should never have been in the dock.

    "I was in fear for my life officer". End of.
  2. he looks charming doesn't he!
  3. As someone else said, and I thought when I saw the picture of this charmer, He looks like the Mekon from the Eagle comic of my youth.
  4. Is not Baroness Scotland the Liarbore minister who employed an illegal immigrant as a servant?

    come to think of it,what's a socialist minister(unelected) doing with a servant?.
  5. That's little prick has cunt written all over him. It's just a shame he didn't die from his stab wounds, one less scumbag to worry about!
  6. It's a shame that the Hospital was so good at their job and managed to save the little scrote
  7. Pedigree chav if I ever saw one ...
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What the fcuk did that twalleck Scotland think she was doing demanding the victim got jailed?

    That cnut should be in jail herself.
  9. The poor sod spent four & a half months inside on remand, he should NEVER even have been charged! That ugly cow "scotland" wouldn't have got involved if it was one of her racial brothers had been defending themselves!! For gods sake, get rid of her quickly, useless money grabbing bitch!!!
  10. I thought the law said that you could defend yourself with "equal force". Teenager attempts to murder him with an edged weapon, he defends himself with an edged weapon. Why was he charged?
  11. Should have used a bigger knife on the little cnut stain.
  12. She hasn't got a scooby. How could a cosseted, overblown, socialist hypocrite such as she possibly understand Mr Blight's predicament? She exemplifies everything that is wrong with our legal system. There are too many over paid lard arses who lack touch with reality and really couldn't give a sh*t because they're making far too much dosh from their alleged expertise.
  13. I can't see it in the report, but was the scrote charged? He inflicted wounds, not in self defence.

    Chap should never have received a sentence in the first place. Should have used the tried and tested 'Tony Martin' method.
  14. Happy that the judge has seen fit to use common sense and show compassion for the home owner. I only hope this is the first of many cases of the judiciary no longer toeing the new labour line; hopefully now that Broon and his crew are on their way they've finally found the guts to apply the law sensibly instead of as a politically motivated weapon against the conservative (with a small c) majority.

    Well, I can hope.